Should the US join the EU?

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    Is this a good idea?  I'm open to the idea, but I'm not sure it would be beneficial.
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    The US should not let Brussels tell them what to do.
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    --> @Alec
    My initial gut reaction is to think that we shouldnt 

    First off, NATO already handles most of the concerns that the US has in Europe in terms of shared security and military cooperativeness between multiple nations. When the US needs assistance from its European allies in operations targeting terrorism in North Africa, they turn to NATO, not the EU. 

    Second, the EU mostly exists to ease economic barriers between European nations so that goods can move around freely and quickly to everyone's benefit. This is because the numerous borders of small countries and language barriers could easily bring economic growth to a standstill if just one or two nations takes a very alarmed and security-obsessed approach to goods passing through their borders.... The US really has no need to have a say in how Euro countries manage economic issues between each other or with the United States since the US already has its own trade deals with the EU in general, which allows the US to set terms with all member nations rather than with individual EU nations one by one. 

    With NATO's usefulness and the EU's inherently unrelated nature to US concerns, I really dont see why the US should join the EU, because all of its concerns and interests with its European allies already have different channels to function in that work perfectly well on their own already.