Death is the most natural thing on earth and godists can't accept it.

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--> @Stephen
Read the thread.
Your naysaying is quite boring.
Mother Goose is head Illuminati, everyone knows that.
Fiora is head of Illuminati yes but do they directly 'deal with' her? No. God (who I know as Fiora) is not one who uses voice directly. Voices of others, especially in a movie or TV show, yes. Text on a screen, yes. She can communicate like that at times but that's only for emergencies and usually used by the demigods beneath her.

There are four factions of demigod:

  1. Preserver (their 'essence' or 'non-physical energy' is coloured white)
  2. Destroyer (of course, their essence is black, note that this is not racist because the peachy and pink pigmentation of human whites and the dark brown pigmentation of human blacks has absolutely nothing to do with this, I am speaking of something much deeper, but flags, names and logos are indeed related to this as are some other things)
  3. Balancer (blue)
  4. Imbalancer (red) but more so a hierarchical 'strong must prey on the weak' 'pleasant/superior must demolish the less appealing/inferior'
So what of yellow? Yellow is the opposite of purple, purple is blue and red mixing. No alien is pure yellow, no alien is pure purple (as opposed to a slanted shade of it towards either blue or red). Imbalancers are not quite what their name implies and this is more obvious as they were created last. They oppose all the other three but more likely will work with destroyers than anything else. You will take note that in the past, the regimes with Red were the most brutally hierarchical and that orange is the most severe sort of 'red regime' and the sands in Ancient Egypt was golden (which is even more yellow than orange). This highlights the severe hierarchy. 

The Illuminati run via this. Notice that the UN's colours are blue mostly but white as well, they balance and preserve the world despite all their corruption. Preserving doesn't equal 'good', neither does 'balancing', many Red-sided individuals have fought Tyranny as well. The Illuminati most certainly has factions 1,3 and 4 in it but the Destroyer faction tends to always be anti-the-rest of Illuminati.

There is more to my theory but you can mock it as you wish. We are in a simulation anyway, so none of this 'truly matters', I needn't convince you of it as such. God doesn't really care either way.

you may counter me saying Communists love Red. Look at them in actual action and then come back to me later. The only Communist regime to last and not have gone to all hell is Cuba which has blue and white more so than Red on it. It's not just the colours, if you have a 'star' you are very Illuminati-linked whereas if you lack a star, even if your nation has 'red' in it, it's not that you are very structured in your hierarchy but that you are brutal or that there's some kind of immovable... Royalty or Elite that will not be moved for a long time and doesn't care that you know of them.
Again, you may bring up France who fought heavily against the Royal family, I am telling you this includes 'rich', 'powerful' etc. It's not just about Tyranny but if you are VERY Red in your regime's colours, then you are almost always 'powerful' in how you have the Royal family or Elite rule over the rest, especially in your history not just present.
The Tooth fairy is Fiora's superior.
how so?
Vietnam is red with orange star yes, but look how corrupt it is. do the slightest research and know.
@mad as a hatter.
On the list of gods the Tooth Fairy is on the top and your Fiora is just above the bottom, with millions of gods in between.
--> @disgusted
I am not sure. It all depends on what energy is. Souls I'm sure are a form of energy, like everything else. 
Death is the end. Just like every life form that has ever existed on this planet.
Fuck that scares you fuckwits.
Simple, no dogma needed dum dum. It's the nature of consciousness that survives death you've been told this over and over but somehow you seem to think you have some major argument lol. Death exists dum dum, no one can avoid a physical death, we will all die a physical death. It's the soul that SURVIVES that "physical" death. You, being a dum dum, think that if the soul survives death we don't die, but of course we die, we will all die a physical death but you will observe for yourself the transition of "death", meaning the transition of a physical death to the reality of consciousness as in a soul. You need to understand the argument to make a valid point, but of course you won't, you will just repeat the same dumb thing over and over. So basically there's no need to comment on this thread but I'm bored. 

When your physical body dies, has a heart attack, brain aneurysm, lung collapse, cancer, stroke ect ect all these things will take place. Once that takes place and your physical body can no longer maintain the soul your soul will release itself from the physical body. You could black out, be unconscious, be "dead" but then you will be sucked from the physical body and you will be present in the astral plane. You might experience some really neat things but since I know your character what will follow won't be that great. You like to pick on people, mock them and spend all your time ridiculing the truth about consciousness. Since creation is ruled by cause and effect, sowing and reaping and Karma you will most likely be directed to negative experiences. Things you put others through, the way you made them feel, how you projected your hate and negativity all this is not good for you. Would hate to be you actually when all that goes down lol. 

You will most certainly have to learn from your inadequacies of spirituality and what you tried to do to other souls. 
--> @disgusted "Death is the most natural thing on earth and godists can't accept it".
Author: disgusted, 15 hours ago

"Godists"  as you call them, do accept death. they have funerals, bury and cremate just like any other denomination. And of course The grave yards holding thousands of very dead corpses across the planet are testament to that. 

So where's your evidence that "godists" do not accept death?

--> @disgusted Read the thread.
Your naysaying is quite boring.

And another unsubstantiated claim then. Yet you insist others provide evidence and insist they prove their claims.