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As a response to the recent addition of the GOLD MEDAL ACHIEVEMENT "Friend Of The Crowd," which requires participants  to 

"Receive 25 likes for a single forum post or debate comment"
(An occurrence that has no natural precedence or likelihood on DART),

I am suggesting this posting as one possible solution.  Anybody can and should add a post to this topic that simply says "Hello, please like me" or something else to that effect.  I ask that we refrain from any posts designed to make anybody else feel unwelcome posting here or anywhere on DART- no cursing, no pro and anti anything.  The goal here is to get everybody to like everything ponzi-scheme style.  Before you post, you must like every post before you.  If there are more than 25 posts you can stop after 25 likes but I'd encourage every poster to continue liking.

New people!  If you'd like some way to introduce yourself- just like everybody before you and tell us that you have arrived. Everybody you liked will already be in your debt.

hello- pls. like me
already have it
Please like me!

(I for one welcome our new paper folding overlords!)
Absolutely under no circumstances should you like me...

like me (RIP rm)
--> @oromagi
He is the first one to receive it.
like me plz im desperate 

i'm a sucker for free likes
--> @DapperMack @Gatorade @Ramshutu @TheRealNihilist @WaterPhoenix
Begging For Likes
I like turtles ,=,e

If you also do and/or don't like turtles, then like this post.
Please like me
like for Ben Shapiro to DESTROY you with FACTS and LOGIC
--> @TheAtheist
I wanna keep my sandcastle thank you

--> @PressF4Respect
this website is full with LiBtArD weaklings!
--> @TheAtheist
OOF you're right.

Guys like TheAthiest's post (and mine :3) if ur not a LiBtArd

Also, who reported my post?

tHosE DaMN LIBtardS back aT IT agAin


The beauty if this thread is I will almost definitely go down in history as the only guy to earn the medal the proper way. Lucky? Perhaps. Epic? Undeniably.

it was classic.  Breaking records even after walking out the door. 
--> @RationalMadman
I could create a skin-deep sob story too, you know
--> @PressF4Respect
all talk, try it.
--> @RationalMadman
I am right now, lol