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….General Lee.
Who ya got, knight Rider car or General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard.

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Just from an overall performance standpoint the 69' charger still blows the 82' firebird out of the water. 82' firebird was 0-60 in 9.2 seconds stock. The 69' charger was capable of being a 6 second car w/ upper ranges at 7 seconds for the standard R/T. That's a full 2.2 seconds faster from 0-60. Throw a HEMI in that bad boy and you can drop that even further to 0-60 in 4.2 seconds. All souped up, it's a hell of a day and you would be a savant of automobiles if you can get the firebird below the 5 second mark.

Quarter mile the firebird is a 12.5-13.5 second car. You have to fuck up a Charger and be terrible with cars for it to not run under 12 second 1/4 mile without really breaking a sweat. Normally I'm a fan of turbos tbh, but not even the turbo in the 82' firebird helped it accelerate faster than the 69' charger. 

Top speed the 69' charger was clocked at 205mph, for the firebird it was at best 160, and you could maybe marginally stretch it further beyond that by tweaking gear ratios. 

The only thing the firebird outdoes the Charger on is in the realm of drag coefficient, cause a .33 drag is wtf ridiculous.
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I'd prefer the General Lee just for looks and I have always loved the old muscle cars but according to Wiki it may appear Kitt could have the edge...surely it's fictional but if we're going by the specs of the car in the actual shows...

Power System
"KITT is powered by the Knight Industries turbojet with modified afterburners and a computer controlled 8-speed turbodrive transmission. Specifications 0–60 mph in 2 seconds, standing to quarter mile 4.286 seconds. Electromagnetic hyper-vacuum disc brakes: 14 foot (4.25 m) braking distance (70–0 mph - 112–0 km/h)."
Turbo Boost
"Used in most episodes, a pair of rocket boosters mounted just behind the front tires that lifted the car, allowing KITT to jump into the air and pass over obstacles in the road. Also, occasionally, Turbo Boost was used to allow KITT to accelerate to incredible speeds in excess of 200 mph (322 km/h). The boosters could fire forward or backward."

the Ferrari from the original Magnum P.I.  (Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS)
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Haha it is nice!
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  • 1600 bhp Hennessey Twin Turbo V8 Engine
  • Top speed: 301 mph
  • 0-186 mph: < 10 sec.
  • 0-249 mph-0: < 30 sec

a 7-speed single clutch paddle shift transmission
and delivering power down to the rear tires.

Beat that!  :)

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Back to the Future DeLorean.
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