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--> @Imabench
Alas, no chance whatsoever.
This AMA will conclude at midnight. It will be locked shortly thereafter.
--> @Lunatic
Long time no see. How goes it?
--> @bsh1
Got two question for ya:
1. or, which is better?
2. What part of moderation have you found most fun?

--> @Gatorade
DDO was better when it worked and had a vibrant community. DART is better now

I haven't had too much fun with it, tbh. I don't think "fun" is why you do this job...
--> @bsh1
I agree DDO is kinda a hell-hole with drug ads and such.
Who do we report you to, bsh1?
--> @RationalMadman
If one of my comments is reported, the report is forwarded to Castin in her capacity as Assistant Moderator for Special Cases. She would then evaluate the report and reach a decision, and I would abide by her decision, whatever that happened to be. No one can be, or be seen as being, above the law, so to speak. 
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Of course they can be above the law if the one handling their report answers to them.

Mike is above our law no matter what you say or do.
--> @RationalMadman
Mike is above our law no matter what you say or do.
This has never come up, and it would certainly place me in an awkward position if it ever did. Much like Boris Johnson lying to the Queen, it would precipitate a constitutional crisis. But I would certainly be willing to temp-ban Mike for a few days if it were required. If he prevented me from taking such an action, I would resign in protest, and publicly state precisely why I resigned.

Unfortunately, anything other than 1-5 day temp bans would be out of the question, just because site maintenance would need to be done, and Mike would need to be online to do that. But there would/should still be some consequence, and no user, however high up on the food chain, should be totally immune from punishment.

But, happily, I trust Mike not to put me in that kind of situation, and he has so far done as good a job as any at following site rules and standards.
Alright, locking the AMA.