Glass half full or glass half empty?

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Just want to hear who picks what.
Depends if it's me or my rival getting to drink it.
--> @TheRealNihilist
Both are true ergo to pick either, is inherent exclusion of the other and that is an errror.

If a tree falls in the forest and no animal with ear sensitive to those frequencies of sound to hear them do those sounds exist.  Duhh yes they do exist irrespective of the creature being present.

I think about something { occupied space } ---ex y finger---  ergo I exist as a something. Without the occupied space something there is no thinking{ thought processing }.

Which came first chicken or the egg, Fuller and Lee Smolin say it simple and obvious answer, the egg came first. This is simple progressionary progressionary process associated with all life and not  just specificlly those creatures that lay eggs i.e. the genetic code exists first all else comes aftewords.
I am not so clever. I look at the cup and say there is something in it.
--> @TheRealNihilist
Empty is empty. 

And full is full.

So both are incorrect.

But we nonetheless realise the implication.
You say my cup is empty, I say it is full of air.

After careful measurement the cup has been determined to be precisely 49.38% full.

--> @TheRealNihilist
The glass is too big.

half full, tkae the valuable shit first
I guess it depends the situation. 

Fantasy Football team loses by 1 point because the Bengals cant stop a fucking run game, glass half empty

Getting higher up on the waiver wire and being able to claim TY Hilton because I lost a game by 1 point, glass half full. 

--> @TheRealNihilist
Full. Empty means nothing is in the cup. There is still air in the cup so you can not say empty. Even so, you dont say to a water bottle (it's 1/4 empty), you say (3/4 left)
--> @SupaDudz
Talking to water bottles. Is that the second sign of madness?
--> @zedvictor4
You know what I mean 
--> @Ramshutu
The glass is too big.

The engineer's response.