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who has any poetry to share? I remember there were at least a few poets on ddo.
Idk about poetry, but i was contemplating starting up a serial novel to draw more traffic to the art section 🤔
Yeah, kind of. This is what I've written so far from a poem I'm probably gonna use in a fanfic at some point later (just as a caveat, my poetry never rhymes):

Trapped in the storm of my mind none can hear me scream
I know our bodies shall be threshed at the foot of the altar
And our ashes sprinkled on the lips of the grinning demon
This happy dream is naught but the vapors of a dying flame

I want to cherish these moments always, but I am reminded
The strongest among us must yield to the turning of the hour
Its ticking, like nails on a chalkboard, like cascading thunder
The stroke of midnight shall do us apart, forever and ever.
Holy crap does Bossy have some top tier poems for yall. If he comes here ask him for his poems.
--> @Swagnarok

Ill be damned, you don't have to pick one, can actually have both 👌


Note, this is not at all to hate on this site, this is a heartfelt poem of how I analyse what has occurred.

It's a shame in my eyes the way we disguise our wisdom,
It's a game made of lies; intertwined misconceptions,
Watch a brain or a mind decline with intention,
Celebrate demise of the 'why'-like questions,
Ask people to move from a site to set of suggestions,
They pick the familiar one and that's fine but may I just mention,
It's this mentality that, like gravity, pulls humanity away from invention,
Enslaved to the family's bad habits we change nothing, no correction,
No blood, sweat and tears matter they just splatter on the ground 'cause egos need protection,
Failure to adapt to the new environments is a risk too big, let's not head in that direction,
Stick to what we know, what we're conditioned to enjoy... Juggle's hell; the resurrection,
Spread opinions like plagues, soon the rebels drop their weapons,
Surrendering to the livid masses far too timid to venture far to islands trenchant.

I walk along the deserted street, as the mists swirl about my feet
the night is dark, no moon overhead, as silence, like sickness is spread
no sound to accompany me, no others in sight, not even a glimmer, or sparkle of light 
my shadow is gone, its mirror hath been clouded,
the mists rise up, and I become shrouded

i wander alone, my footsteps doth sound, 'gainst walls of stone, that now do surround
i walk on for hours, at a leisurely pace, no objective in mind, no destination or place,
when behind me i hear, a familiar noise, a second echo of steps, another person draws near 

nervousness creeps, in the pit of my chest, my breath becomes shallow, my mind at unrest 
my thoughts begin racing, who could this be? Who else is walking, walking behind me? 
I quicken my pace, and walk at the double, not wanting to face, this potential of trouble 
fear begins to creep, and claw at my my mind, those footsteps i hear, still not far behind
their pace matches mine, as i turn to the right, fear changes to fright, as they follow behind

I change to a sprint, and dash away quickly, but still steps i do hear, those steps do draw near
i run on for ages, at my thoughts fear now claws, i dare not slow down, I dare not even pause
I run endlessly in the night, with no other still in sight, and still i hear the steps, as they chase me in flight 
my legs grow weary, my strength it does fade, but still i hear steps, behind me in chase 
I finally can flee, no longer, no more, and turn 'round to face, my pursuer unseen

my eyes they do meet, a bewildering sight, no shadow, no person, is to be seen in the night
the footsteps have stopped, nobody draws near, and I nervously laugh, at my paranoid fear
i turn back around, and walk on anew, no longer fearful, of what previously near drew 
for hours i walk, once again at a leisurely pace, no objective in mind, no destination or place 
when behind me i hear, a familiar noise, the second echo returns, those footsteps again draw near

I begin to walk faster, but am stopped in my tracks, by a  han on my shoulder, and my vision goes black


^^older poem I wrote awhile ago. Tried to get the structure right, but prolly screwed up somewhere 

--> @RationalMadman
Good poem, i like the inherent pacing of it. It flows very nicely and the metaphorical comparisons hold power and weight that adds to the depth of the poem👌
--> @Buddamoose
I realised that wisdom didn't rhyme after I wrote it but since this is poetry and as is evident from others here it isn't as strict as a 'rap; thread in rhyme scheme I felt I'd just leave it. 

The problem with poems like yours where there's not strictness at all with the rhyme scheme is I'm left feeling anyone could have come up with that as opposed to it being highly skilled but I guess in art that's alright as the official judge panel in this thread is basically no one.
--> @RationalMadman
I disagree there isnt strictness. If you noticed the rhyme scheme deviated when fear was introduced to the equation, then deviated again once the fear was dissolved. 

Its not perfect structure, but the break from a strict structure was intentional and intended to impart the change in emotion of the poems subject 🤔
*break from a strict-ish structure. Where essentially it's A rhymes with A in the same line, and changes to emotion of the speaker are coupled with a lack of rhyming 🤔
I tried to stay away from metaphors, and only included ones that imparted further the dark aspect of the poems subject, "silence, like sickness, is spread" was put there in the beginning to establish that dark tone and hint as to what the poems subject was truly running from 🤔

--> @Buddamoose
Okay explain the poem to me, I just realised it regularly rhymes the middle with the ending of a lin which visually confused me but even then it's not constant. Anyways, explain the poem to me and why you used 'walking' twice etc. The thing is I don't process this kind of art well but with raps at least poorly written raps can be incredibly pleasing to the ear.
The commas are important, they help maintain pace. And its not the middle rhyming with the end

For example, "my eyes they do meet, a bewildering sight, no shadow, no person, is to be seen in the night"

Split apart "a bewildering sight, and "no shadow, no person..." Theyre two seperate sentences technically. Properly a period would go between them if in prose, seperating them. So its not middle to end, its 1 rhymes with 2. 👌


and so on, with breaks in the rhyming corresponding to the introduction and  dissolvemen of the emotion of fear the the poems subject 🤔

Gonna give you up
Gonna let you down
Gonna run around and desert you

--> @JusticeWept
*wipes away tear* 

Such beauteous sophistry 👏

--> @Buddamoose
Thank you <3
I hate everyone

Everyone hates me

Cells, they grow and they die

Red blood cells take seven days to mature

And then they give you all

White blood cells are free and pure

That is, unless you have a sexually transmitted disease

You must keep them clean, otherwise they will not continue with ease

I really want to kill someone

Every day, we are losing control

But oh, what control one would gain from puncturing someone's vein

Lifeless but hopeless 

Climbing up the mountain.
Then to stumble on down. 
Rolling and rolling... 
Does it end? How much more? 
Twisting, turning, falling. 
Its like and empty put. 
Dark, empty, alone, endless! 
An ocean that continues on.
 Swimming, no breath, drowning. 
Does it end? How much more? 
Rain, thunder, wind together. 
Keeps going on for days. 
Maybe months, maybe Yess. 
It has to stop, must stop .
No such thing as forevermore. 
Stand still embrace the warmth. 
Take the light as a sign of hope .
It's too hard, grasp on!! 
Birds fly freely, carefree. 
Soar on thought; mightily! 
Taste of freedom...
Satisfying, happy, Peace!! 




There was a young witch known as Poly
Who was noted for being un-jolly.
She come down quite hard
On any bigot or tard
and hit atheists left and right with her brolly.

Suicide is not enough

Fear in my mothers’ eyes, I want to tell her“no mama, you’d still have the memories of me”
it isn’t an end but an undoing I desire
suicide is not enough

take away the old photos, take away the old clothes
to the question “Do you have any brothers?”
if only my brother could say, “No.”
erase me. erase me

take away the footprint made in wet cement in ‘89
the tree I carved your name into, along with the memory, chop down
till I can cause no innocent to cry,
till I can cause no pure heart to bleed
till I am less than phantom, less than thought
erase me, erase me

Open the top of their heads and scrub all recollection
for he cannot be recalled, who never was
leave no blemish of me, no stain
erase me

Till the stench no longer lingers
after the latent image fades
till even God says “who?”

suicide is not enough
Here's a political poem I wrote like a day ago.
(as you can probably guess, I'm Autistic) It's probably crap but here it is anyway.
You want to cure me.
Turn me into a Neurotypical like you.
Why? Is it because Autism hurts me?
I don't think so.
It doesn't hurt.
It's that it makes me different. 
I am not a normal person. 
Sometimes, I flap my hands. 
This scares you. 
You don't want to admit it, but it does.
Why else would you tell me to stop?
It doesn't hurt you.
Sometimes, sarcasm confuses me.  
This worries you.  
How could I not get something so simple?
You don’t know. 
That’s not how you work.
Sometimes, I do strange things
Like memorize long lists, or spend hours reading about one thing  These scare you too.
How could I want to do those things?
You don't.
You don't understand my brain
And so you want to change it.
But I don't want to be changed.
I like flapping my hands. It's fun.
I can work around sarcasm. 
It's not hard.I like to memorize lists.
This year, I memorized all the capitals of the world.
Does that sound hard to you? 
it was easy for me.It makes a good party trick.
You want to change those things.
You want to change everything about me that isn't normal.
But nothing about me is normal.
So you want to change me entirely.  
You want to kill the Autistic living inside my body so that someone like you can replace me.
You want me dead because I'm different.
I am entirely abnormal.
Someone who is normal is entirely unlike me.
I will not die for your comfort.
I refuse to be replaced by somebody more socially acceptable
In order for you to go about your life undisturbed
By the evils of flapping hands and stuttering words.
I will jump off a bridge before I will let you "cure" me.
I am Autistic.
I am different from you.
And you're just going to have to live with that.

15 days later
--> @janesix
Nice fun... Jane asking for some poems, i'm down. 

Here is a poem i wrote after looking up the list of colors on Wiki. I thought the colors sounded poetic so here we go:

If the color blue fought green then teal will take you through me because the color black
the brother of rainbow and all other such facts will fight white as Alice blue that took
94% red to become true. Amethyst shows her love while bittersweet shimmer adds a little remark
about blue who fought green and lost to become aqua where baby blue is queen. Bring them in
for the time of battleship grey with a crew of blizzard blue with warmth by black leather jacket and a hint of bisque.
The sky midnight blue slowly fades to evanescence where I can only see a queen dark scarlet eyes and
deep space sparkle omniscient to all! Electric crimson that kneels to flattery covering the ground where
the power of the queen is seen. Yet, be free…
ghost white mixed glitter to golden poppy to give gold fusion that our hearts are meant to be. Jade, Jasmine, jasper and jelly bean…
they like khaki and la salle green. No matter indigo, magenta or uneven lust that find maroon partying with mardi gras
you’ll always find magic mint chilling with June bud where I am found. Relaxed on lawn green daydreaming in forest green
while manipulating shades of grey blowing cool grey smoke of lavender finding beauty and pictures in manatee
to be ivory is my dream.   

Here is one that was harder to write bc it is an iambic tetrameter form. 

Take my blood oh frivolous rose,
As you lay on this cold, lone floor,
Most petals cracked, are falling down.
Feel me, empty my blood of veins,
Destructive bloom with beauty'n soul,
Bud show your beauty to my world,
Oh vain white rose with streaks of red.
So weep Oh rose, your tears are blood,
frivolous rose, your tears I hold,
We'll be enjoined in soul and mind,
until the end we'll both adhere,
Still sight of death in this cold year.

I usually wrote more horror type poems, but these are some of the more light ones =)