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Nature = natural = God/Universe/Cosmos

What is not natural?  Black holes?  There is seemingly evidence they exist near center of every galaxy we observe.

Is access to more complex metaphysical-1, mind/intellect/concepts ex mathematics not natural?  Of most creatures on Earth only 6 billion or so humans have this access.

Is in not natural to invent or discover the wheel? The match { phosphperous } or flint to start a fire?  Is it not natural to sail/tack  into the wind?

After all ancient Asian or Indonesian religous taught to go with the flow, not against the flow.

Are humans not natural? 

Are viruses that have only DNA or RNA not natural?  All other celluar organisms have  both DNA and RNA.

All that exists is nature ergo natural.

To behave naturally has to be taken within context of the social/cultur norms for each special-case conditions/circumstances/events.

Technology aka human invention of naturally occurring resultant of human access to metaphysical-1, mind/intellect/concepts.

The question is not, are you a natural blonde, the question is, did you color your hair?

It is natural for humans to short cut their thought processes, truncate their words and pronunciation, in order to pull a concept out of their nervous system rapidly.

Humans are bilateral but I see no bilateral to macro-Universe.

So the question becomes is there a cosmic origin or association for bilateral animals?

Left hemi-sphere >>corpus callosum<< Right hemi-sphere

31 left spinal nerves >> spinal chord << 31 right spinal nerves

* v *

Are spinal nerves related to tentacles.

Box jellyfish { cubosa } ---see cubo{6}-octa{8}hedrons apsects of 24---   have a nervous system that is more sophisticated than any other species. They have a nerve base that coordinates their movements. There is only one other species of Jellyfish in the world that has this complex design.

They are also one of the few species of Jellyfish that have eyes. They are in clusters on all sides of the body and have 24 of them. They are able to distinguish between light and dark. They are also able to identify various type of light too. Their eyes make it possible for them to find prey and to escape predators.

It is very difficult to understand the evolution process for Jellyfish as a whole, including the presence of the Box Jellyfish. More than 700 million years ago the Jellyfish was on Earth so they are able to adapt to changes all around them. The Box Jellyfish has many differences that distinguish them from other species.

Nervous system cells compared to Universe fillaments.

Still we find no bilaterally to Universe/God.

We find a cosmic trinity and subset of trinities.

/\ = three = stability = integrity = minimal 2D enclosure

Why bilateral animals?

Why spiral RNA-DNA? I have a book that explains a few other kinds of spirals related to the RNA-DNA, other than the primary helix-spiral.

My 4 level/line numerical pattern, can be seen as spiral link a slinky toy tube and has a spiral sine-wave /\/\/ or as ^v^v internal to the numerical tube.

If we curve this tube ---ex slinky toy-- to meet itself we have a torus ( (   ) ) = horizontal bisection of a torus. I believe a torus is also relevant to bilaterlism in animals. Still working on better understanding of this concept.

All of the above, I believe stems from basic fundamentals of inversion-outversions { ^v^v } from,

1} positive (  ) , geodesic, gravity SPACE, and,

2) negative  )( , geodesic ,  dark energy SPACE.

This 4 level/line numerical pattern, Ive laid out is also manifests in a hexagon and I believe that can be relate to the four hexagon great planes the define the 4-fold cubo{6}-octa{8}hedron.

The four line/level pattern has all prime numbers on one line, except 2 and 3.

6 radial lines has all primes --ex except 2 and 3--- on two of the hexagons 6 radii.

--> @mustardness
While you are often correct, I never understand your reasoning for things.
--> @RationalMadman
While you are often correct, I never understand your reasoning for things.
It requires a more comprehensive thought  patterning process of rational, logical common sense associations via lines-of-relationhips resultants based on known facts and truths.

Most around here cannot concede facts truths I present much less concede rational, logical common sense conclusions.

Talking to ego may  be similar to talking to a drunk.  It leads nowhere.

........SPACE(>*<)   (>*<)SPACE........* * = bilateral consciousness ergo twoness is minimal consciousness state of awareness

........SPACE(Time)   (Time)SPACE............. i.e. T = Time /\/\/ i.e. our experience is that of Observed Time { quanta }

i/ego  = access to metaphysical-1, mind/intellect/concept and ego is a resultant of all of the above

--> @mustardness
Most around where?

And space is.

And time and matter might be reduced to a point of possibility or impossibility.

And then what?

And God might be the knowledge and the information.

And I do not know anything for certain and neither does mustardness.
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z4, based on other comments and above I think your not worthy of time and effort.
--> @mustardness
All sensory paraphernalia and imagination.

It's what's known colloquially, as being able to see beyond the end of your nose.

--> @zedvictor4
Goodbye z4.
Metaphysical-1, mind/intellect/concept via consciousness, is resultant of brain, not the other way. Brain accesses metaphysical-1, mind/intellect/concepts.

Brain is wired to access metaphysical-1, mind/intellect/concepts.

Who designed the wiring for such a brain? No body. The wiring may exist eternally as SPACE-Time codeing in cosmic egs ex black holes may contain on their event horizon, such coding.

Black holes { as cosmic eggs } evaporate. Naught is loss, even with black holes tha like Universe have an entropy.

Their entropy{ S } is related to there surface area of event horizon. S = A/4.

The spherical cubo{6}-octa{8}hedron is defined by four great{ bisection } hexagonal planes and the area of those four curved planes are equal the surface area of the spherical cubo-octahedron.

Thank you Archimedes.

See this link to better understand what can exist on surface of black hole, and keep in mind that the graphic only shows the primary set of 83 great circles. The limit 2ndary, trianary, quadra-nary etc that is possible to exist on surface of black hole is unknown.

So what we see is subdivision of the event horizon of the black hole and those patterns are specific and vary more and more and become more complex.

A lady scientist did lab experiment to reproduce compressive forces associated with meteor impact of earlier Earth and to see those effects on some simple molecules. To her surprise, what she got was more complex molecules as a result of those higher forces.

Whatever emergies synergetically in Universe, is allowed. No cosmic laws/principles can be violated. There is no infinite set of cosmic laws/principles.

Ex there can never exist more than 5, and only five regular/symmetrical convex polyhedra of Universe.

Integrity = finite limits.

Infinite = lack of integrity.

So we have only two kinds of infinite;

1} metaphysical-1, mind/intellect/concept of infinite this or that ex infinite set of numbers,

2} macro-infinite, non-occupied space that embraces/surrounds our finite occupied space Universe.

Since triangulation is so critical to all that exists, I guess we have to consider what is associated with bilaterally complex animals.

31 left spinal nerves ~~~ spinal V chord `~~~~ 31 right spinal nerves

left hemisphere * corpus | callosum * right-hemisphere

Left ovaries and fallopian tubes O=== Uterus ( V )===O righ ovaries and falllopian tube

...."Your womb (uterus) is a pear-shaped organ, tucked away in your pelvis. A normal womb is about 7.5cm (3in) long, 5cm (2in) wide and 2.5cm (1in) deep.

Inside, there is a triangular cavity with thick muscular walls. The womb has three distinct areas:

The top portion is called the fundus. This is the rounded part between the fallopian tubes.

The middle, and largest, part is called the body, or corpus. This covers about two thirds of the womb.

The bottom part of the womb dips down into the vagina and is called the cervix.

left teste @  penis i  @ right teste

[email protected] i @.....................

Triangulation of nature comes to us in many differrent ways.

Can integrity exist without triangular stability/structure? /\

Man and woman cannot exist without resultant progeny. /\

Hydrogen atom  --1 proton and 1 electron--  exists with no third particle, and is most abundant element in known Universe.

There exists the electro-static force between them and that is the closet we can to seeing a third aspect triangular relationship with the hydrogen atom.

Black hole (X)  as cosmic egg (XYX) is my vote for eternally existent SPACE-coding RNA-DNA humans  (*X*)

* * = consciousness

(*X*) = human RNA-DNA coding withing black hole and its event horizon surface

/ Y \ = fermions  ---perpendiducal bisection---

\__/ = bosons  ---parrallel bisection---

We may say that Universe is based on a 3-fold, cosmic fourness,  that has hexagonal associations via 4-fold asymmetry

That still leaves for consideration, 5-fold{ icosahedral } ergo phi { 1.618 golden mean }

Pi { 3.14 } is the most-abstract-connection between 3-fold, 4-fold and 5-fold

1.9 40 66 7 49 0 72 92 95 = phi { 3.14 / 1.618 }

I take note of #7 falling in 7th overall positioning as I do in the following;

31.00 62 7 66 80 2998 = Pi^3{ XYZ aka 3D }

24.35 22 7 27 58 50 06 09 = Pi^4{ XYZ...t..  } /4 { renormalization of time to 3D }

Then there connection to 66 or as 66.4 as associated with time

66.40 90 9 10 34 00 24 = Pi^4 - 31 { 5-fold primary set of great circles left or right, not both sets of 31 }

31.00 62 7 66 80 2998

0.51 52 8 66 24 20 = 1.618 { phi } / 3.14 { Pi }