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    Skinny jeans are gay, combine that with a man bun and screaming gay. Discuss

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    --> @sadolite
    Skinny jeans are feminine but that suits a slim man. Slim men also suit longer hair because yes, their feature are more effeminate compared to bulky men in general.

    You can look feminine but be straight af and vice versa. It's not so simple, especially because there are gays into butch of their own gender while other gays prefer tender of their own gender, meaning that there's not actually a link between looking like either and engaging in, attracting or being attracted to a type.

    I am telling you from experience that most homosexual males are actually very masculine looking, generally (Ian Mckellen, Elton John etc do not look feminine whatsoever even when they are slim-built). Homosexual women have a much higher variety in how they look. You will rarely ever find that feminine men are homosexual because they tend to love how they look and find beauty in the feminine form by extension. It's not all as simple as you think.