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    What you gonna do when a thought's become a stew and the only real solution is to puke it up for view?
    I say, who you gonna sue when the thought police abuse every icky sticky stance on a subject you hold true?
    There's a place where everyone can rat-a-tat and bang their chest OOH! OOH!
    It's the arty farty DARTy forums; place run like a zoo:
    First we were all wild, whipped to tameness oh so mild
    But then the keeper was unpleasant to an adolescent, just a child!
    And the chimps and lions alike went OOGA BOOGA ROAR and from the sky rained hippopotami, burying him deep beneath the pile,
    And the deputy zookeeper had a sleaker leader-style, he got the biggest baddest bullies to keep the others reconciled!