how bad can you fuck up your car

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I crashed my car really bad but at what point do they have to total it
Goddamn it bruh what type of car

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fukt car stuck in the mudz
how fukt up is totaled?

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if ur ride aint drive no mo
thatz what you call totaled.

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In answer to the OP, it depends on the vehicle. Having a vehicle totaled simply means that the repair bill exceeds the value of the (repaired) vehicle.

So a $3k vehicle that costs $5k to repair would be considered totaled while a $30k vehicle that costs $10k to repair would not.
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How bad can I mess up my car? Time to find out.
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It doesn't take much to total a car if you are buying then properly. Rarely spend more than $1009 on a car and when I do any accident will usually cause at least 2000 in damage most is just from the airbags deploying which is expensive to fix.