Squids are hands down the best animals

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--> @Dr.Franklin
I like that...
--> @DynamicSquid
Ants have insane teamwork. Squids don’t.
Plus, they decompose at a very high level. They are unsung heroes that we too often take for granted. For example, we call them insignificant when they are not.
--> @Mharman
Ants have insane teamwork
Destroying our homes and invading our property
Like, have you seen those wood eating ants in Popeye? They cleared his house in 2 seconds!
--> @DynamicSquid
Gawd, guys you got it all wrong. polar bears are da best
--> @DynamicSquid
Spineless old school tecnology

The fetilized human egg thinks  ---( *( i )* )---  and soon I will have, 31 bilateral spinal nerves { 62 total }. I am ---or will be somebody-- so mark my words, if this fertilized egg is not terminated,  then humanity is about to meet me ( *i* ) ergo look out at humanity here I come!!!!!!, provided I dont drown from the amniotic fluid when taking IN my first INspirational breath of air :--O

To breathe INward is to become IN-spirited....( *( i )* ) breathe { ( ( o  ) ) } initially IN then OUT ergo, I am somebody, with individual status and now that I am free, I choose to feed off the nearest breast { (.)(.) } nipples that I can get my lips around.

......( (*i*) )........bilateral
.....(  . )( )......bosom buddies
.........( . )........umbilicus connection point
........\*Y*/.........sex internalized or externalized
......../......\.........leg, fin or side arm
....._/........\_......leg, fin or tail fluke { cetacean }

A biped on land that fishes for squid and other less complex marine life.

I posion the Earth more than any other animal on Earth.

See my plastics invading your murky depths. LINK

..."But it’s not just the plastic we can see; tiny particles of plastic called microplastics are showing up in our water², our food³, even the air we breath⁴. This flood of plastic is poisoning communities and smothering our environment, threatening whole ecosystems.

....This isn’t a waste management problem; it’s an unmanageable problem. There is simply too much plastic being created, and nowhere for it to end up besides in landfills, in the environment, or being openly burned⁵. Indeed, only 9% of the plastic ever created has been recycled⁶.

--> @DynamicSquid
But what about wrinkle numbers. Elephants got that seniority.

Sperm Whale poop has a rare chance to be worth a quarter of a million dollars.
If I could own one animal and tame it, it would be a Panda. I fucking love Pandas. They are such cool creatures

Remember when it was no squid pro quo and now it’s like totally squid pro quo?
--> @ebuc
What the fuck 
--> @Zaradi
Oh wow, I initially didn't see that post until you brought it up, and yeah, I was thinking the same thing, wtf?
--> @oromagi
Ha ha!

Nice one...
--> @SupaDudz
Have you ever seen a Panda poop?

Well neither have I.
--> @AvoidDeath
Polar Bears?

They won't even exist in five years.
--> @Zaradi
What the fuck
Thats correct! Its called biodiversity via sex.

Welcome to the animal kingdom or at least those of us with a spinal cord. and we love to do it outdoors in the wild :--)

Fungi have 1000s of sexes but they dont have nearly as much fun as us vertabraic animals  However we are closer to fungi than plants.
--> @ebuc
Wut that have to do with this?
--> @DynamicSquid
I wonder what ebuc will have to say about that.
It is far beyond your squid-brain tecnology, get over it, or under marine jellie.