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    Elon Musk believe that we live in the matrix.So he believe in god without believing in god. Most people Who believe that believing Jesus is like believing in Santa hold this believe.It is hypercritical

    Is there any evidence that we live in the matrix.There sure is.The matrix is made up of computer code.Computer code is Just a man made version of dna they work exactly the same.except DNA is a billion times more advance.Because the one who created it is a billion times more advance then the one who created the computer code.

    Harvard was able to put 700 terrabytes worth of information in one gram of DNA.TO do this with mans technology would

    Harvard cracked into DNA storage and discovered one gram of DNA holds 700 terabytes worth a data.
    My modern computer can barely hold 20 GB
    TO hold the same information in mans technology it would take take 233.3 tb drives holding 136 kilo's

    ust think about it for a moment: One gram of DNA can store 700 terabytes of data. That’s 14,000 50-gigabyte Blu-ray discs… in a droplet of DNA that would fit on the tip of your pinky. To store the same kind of data on hard drives — the densest storage medium in use today — you’d need 233 3TB drives, weighing a total of 151 kilos Church’s latest book, in fact — and proceeded to make 70 billion copies (which they claim, jokingly, makes it the best-selling book of all time!) totaling 44 petabytes of data stored

    The sims entire reality is made up of computer code and information that humans put in it.

    Our reality is made up of DNA and the information God put in it.

    Sims live in the Matrix.

    We live in the matrix

    Except ours is a billion times more advance

    bill gate said DNA is just computer code but a billion times more advance

    "Human DNA is like a computer program but far, far more advanced than any software ever created." Bill Gates.

    Wealways here how things found in nature are ten billion times moreadvance then invention done by are smartest humans. But we are still tostupid to realize that the reason why things found in nature are moreadvance then inventions done by are smartest people is because the onecreating it is a billion times smarter then our smartest people.aka god