A Christmas Poem from RationalMadman

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    Debating is great when your faith is blatant,
    When you breathe dry air on fallacious grapes 'n' make raisins,
    You know what else is amazing? When someone else starts praising,
    When the votes gets made and your Rating's raked in,
    But when I say literally that without losers here it would not be worth participating,
    I'm not lying that's why I'm in love with losing at times, staying humble is a great thing.

    See, without the wrong opinions this here'd be a long lost dominion,
    You'd have a Bish in the number 1 spot intellectually raping his minions,
    Virtuosos bein' no shows, busy in real life not stringent,
    Madmen acting rational for 5 seconds flat before a sharp-horned Ram came blam and got a gang to hand an L to the mad rat; pussy's'd be winnin',
    But no what we got's better, got a back-and-forth committment to never really quit; call it an intermission that's intermittent,
    Hand a loss to another debater today, make it look like you tried; let 'em feel fulfilment,
    Merry Christmas to you bitches, hope reading this series of wit gave your life encrichment.