My Problem With NBA 2K20

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    I personally think the game is well designed and has a nice aspect to the game, but I have some concerns with the game and some real issues badges in the game and stats.

    For one, I dislike the reliance on badges in game. I think this is a huge bait in game. Taking badges and just buffing your sharp is super OP. Stats are also extremely poorly done. I don't like the fact that when you upgrade your stats, you have to upgrade a single stat versus a variety of stats in the game. While I get it's effective and nerfing some demigods, it discourages upgrading a various amount of attributes versus buffing a stat and milking it for VC. I like flex guards who ca shoot off perimeter but yet drive the lane really well, which is why my normal type on 2K is a 6'4" Sharp, but it seems to be discouraged in favor of Speed guards, which I will take to get open lanes in the field

    I also am not a fan of the shooting system. I don't like the fact that the shooting bar is extremely small and overall.

    I also think the writing for MyCareer is lazy

    Still a fun game. I like what they did with the neighborhood and I also like what they did with bringing facts Rep back. It is a smart move that I enjoy a lot, bringing cool elements that I loved in 2k16 and 17 back into the game.