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Speed- You are “Slavery was a choice.” Went on TMZ to say this, and it became another saying. You are Loved Townie. It takes one extra vote to lynch you

Drafterman- You are, “Closed on Sunday, you my chick-fil-a.” You are a religious leader in the church, you praise the lord. Praise Jesus. You are the Holy Spirit. You may bring back someone to life if they died. You win with town.

1. Bullish
2. Disc
3. Lunatic
2 to lynch, mylo

48hrs dp, 24hrs np

--> @Bullish @Discipulus_Didicit @Lunatic
yezzus hates mylo
or lylo too
I blame drafter for that
I cave easily to peer pressure lol
--> @SupaDudz
2 to lynch, mylo
Lylo, but close enough
--> @Lunatic
post 3
"I'mma let you finish" 1x redirector, but I can only redirect to myself. I me visit myself cause it's that kind of game lmao

*I made me visit myself
--> @Lunatic
why didnt u claim immediately, it's lylo.

--> @Lunatic
I'mma give you 1 chance to prove ur not scum
I hate when I’m on a flight and I wake up with a water bottle next to me like oh great now I gotta be responsible for this water bottle.
--> @Bullish
I'mma give you 1 chance to prove ur not scum
Uno reverse card!
--> @Lunatic
Why didn't u claim ur character too, too busy looking up a fake claim?
--> @Bullish
I did claim my qoute lol
--> @drafterman
drafters turn

--> @Lunatic
"I'mma let u finish" NOT!

That's 3 strikes against u Lunatic

1. tard hammer
2. didn't immediately claim at lylo
3. when claiming didn't claim a quote and claimed some dumb shit like vanilla

VTL Lunatic
--> @Bullish
I am town, but honestly not caring enough to try and convince you otherwise. So we will see if drafter hammers, if not you are scum. 
--> @Lunatic
naw ur big time scum, everyone else only got a little quote, u got a whole monologue up there.
btw with one mafia, the goal should be to lynch early and fast and get to lylo as fast as possible, cut out the wifom
--> @Bullish
big like this ****
--> @Lunatic
big like this ****

Really? Asterisks? What are you, 12?
--> @Lunatic
--> @Zaradi
yo look I found a post where he says "fuck" https://www.debateart.com/forum/topics/3679/narcos-mafia-dp3?page=1&post_number=8 uncensored.

this whole thing is a ploy to make himself look like a goodie 2 shoes, like politicians. Have you ever seen a politician curse? Have you ever seen a politician not be scum? Vote Lunatic now.