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    Father: Hey son, don't you think it's really great that the two of us are driving through the wild outback here in Aṉangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara. Maybe we will get to experience some real Aboriginal culture.

    Son: Yeah sure Dad. Hey, what's that up ahead on the road. It looks like an Aboriginal guy lying there.

    Father: He's what you call an Aboriginal Tracker. He has special highly honed spiritual abilities you know. His religion is The Dreamtime which is the original and only authentic religion in the world. Because he is spiritually attached to the land he can actually listen to what the Gods are saying just by placing his ear to the ground. Say, son, let's pull over and find out what he is finding out. You might learn something here.

    Son: Oh well Dad, this is really exciting.

    Father: Hello there. We couldn't help but notice you lying there with your ear to the ground. What can you tell us?

    Aboriginal Guy: Ehhh well, ya see dat little dot way along there in da distance?

    Father: Oh yeah. It must be miles away. I can barely see it.

    Aboriginal Guy: Ehh well, dat's a silver pickup and in da cab is a fella an his missus. In da back is four kids an a dead kangaroo wot day just hunted.

    Father: Wow, and you can tell all that just by lying there with your ear to the ground?

    Aboriginal Guy: Naaaah, you stupid whitey fella. I just fell off da back of da bluddy pickup.