Is Temptation Real?

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    Adam: Goddammit!

    God: Damn what? And what the Hell are you ranting about?

    Adam: Geezuz! It's that stupid bloody rule that you made up about not being able to eat apples off that friggin tree over there.

    God: Hey, don't start giving me all your self-righteous shite again. It's supposed to be symbolic you know, like real organic, okay?

    Adam: Symbolic, schlumbolic, what a load of crap! If you were really serious about leading me unto temptation you would whack a slippery pole in the ground and make a sassy-looking, big butted chick twirl herself around it.

    Eve: Okay guys, stop your bleeding bitching and come inside. I've just baked an apple pie.

    God: Oh yeah babe! Now that sounds real tempting.