The Right To Worship

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    As we all know, religious followers have been persecuted ever since their strange beliefs were invented. So, it is no wonder then that the most anti-social of their behaviors singled out is bigotry.

    For example, in the 19th century, slaveholders and their sympathizers defended slavery by pointing to its presence in the Bible as evidence that it fits within God's plan for social order.

    And so, we hear cries of foul from religious zealots over complaints from minority groups at being vilified. Simply quoting that the Bible or Quran "says so" hardly cuts the mustard nowadays since the credibility of both nauseating works has been shot to ribbons and are both loathed by more people than those who follow their respective "books of rules to live by for the weak and vulnerable". 

    Religious groups it seems, are becoming more sophisticated now in their ugly stance against decent, moral society by citing the "right to religious freedom".

    A pretty powerful shield to hide behind in order to insult or deride anyone who doesn't fit into their particular "in-group" don't you think?

    I just wonder if those who shout out for their self-centered "religious rights" ever give a toss for "civil rights".

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