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    Argument: Homosexual-ism is bad.

    Most man are not homosexual.

    Men have testosterone.

    Men don't play nice together.

    Most Women are greedy.

    Women don't play well together.

    Hormones determine sexual attraction and not stupid thought processes. 

    Why some women like other women. A women notices a man is not man but a weak women.

    Men need to be strong to attract mates.

    Trans-people and gays should conform to standard or natural law stereotypes and keep their identity secret to conserve the integrity of species so life goes on.

    Last statement: Don't care if gays are gays. Don't blabber about it because my children are not going to be homosexuals because they will only have one gender and if one lacks hormones to sufficiently be either gender then they choose. 

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    --> @JamesMag

    Primary drive is relatively constant though aberrations may occur....Developmental physiological sexual dysmorphia....Rare.

    Sex like most of modern human existence has developed beyond primary drive focus.....If you own a mobile device for instance then it would be a tad hypocritical to criticise sex for pleasure.....Secondary drive.

    I'm sure that men who play with men and women who play with women think....Nice!

    Hormones determine a lot of things including primary sex drive...Primary sex drive urges can be readily satiated using developed secondary drive techniques.

    Gay....Lesbian....Trans....Eroticism....Secondary drive possibilities.

    Life goes on for the time being.

    Last statement:
    Who knows what your kids get up to when they get the itch and when they know you're not looking. They will formulate their own ideas with just as much input form social media as they might get from you.....Brazilian She-Male ….OOOOOOOH!