Lolcow of the Week - 2nd Edition

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    I’ll admit I fell behind on this. However, coronavirus gives me time to catch up... so this edition will be about how teams finished their season before it got cancelled.

    What is a Lolcow?

    Taken from the YouTube channel “Urinating Tree”, lolcow is a term for a hilariously bad sports team, or sometimes an individual. While regular cows produce milk, a lolcow produces laughs.

    The Nominees Are...

    Detroit Pistons

    Five losses to end the season, including losses to the Knicks and Kings.

    Golden State Warriors

    They were the first NBA team eliminated from postseason contention... after being Western Conference Champions last year.

    Notre Dame Women’s Basketball

    One year after being national runner-ups, they were eliminated from March Madness contention after losing in the ACC tournament to a mediocre team.

    Tampa Bay Vipers

    As much as I wanted them to beat the Wildcats (because Josh Johnson is cancer), they didn’t. They lost and became the team with the worst record.

    Nashville SC

    The season has barely started, but they were showing early signs of lolcowdom in their first season ever.

    And the Loser is..

    Detroit Pistons

    At least the Warriors has some wins during their last week. The Vipers made their loss close. Most of the Pistons’ losses were not. Notre Dame has a decent amount of wins in their record. Nashville is a new team.

    For those reasons, I say: Congratulations, Pistons! You are the second Lolcow of the Week! 🎉 😂 🐄

    Join me next week as I focus on anything not a regular season that is going on... so expect to see a lot of NFL Free Agency Lolcows. I’m looking at you, Rams.
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    --> @Mharman
    I laugh at Detroit for all those times they taunted the White Sox. Enjoy your shit teams