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    I think a sort of...community would be great for DART and to have different people who are passionate about a certain topic come to form a community would be so cool. So I have an idea

    Presenting...DART Communities.

    Here is how this would work

    Each sub-forum would have its own "township" establish in the community. Vets and active participants would have a seat in the "commune"

    An example of how a "commune" would look is this

    Mayor- 1
    Sheriff- 1
    Commune- as many as chosen fit

    Mayor- The Mayor is the person who sets the rules for the subforum and some expectations. If someone is misbehaving, he will send a report to the moderator, where further info will be decided. He will then appoint a sheriff

    Sheriff- This person enforces the law and seeks people who have been misbehaving to report to the Mayor, from there, the mayor reviews the case and sends it into the mod

    Commune- These people are the main people who run vote on news rules and adding people into the commune. The commune is for active participants and every 1/2 year, new people are added to the commune

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    I want to be worshipped in my community, make a rank called god.