Once more sorry guys, ( God doing the bible ) talk us through it.

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    Look i Know you guys are probably sick of explaining it. 
    And I'm really sorry i have to ask it. 

    I will tell you as i understand how god played a part in the making of the bible. 
    Tell me if i am wrong or right.  I think I'm right. 
    Ok here goes. It's going to be ruff.

    Gods looking down and he sees a bloke named Russell.
    God goes. ( Russell , Hey Russell. )  
    Russells like wow , a big face in the sky. He says ( Yes )   
    God goes. ( Russell . Write this down for me. ) 
    Russ goes. ( sorry but i can't write. ) 10 sec silence ( are you there.) Gods gone.

    God sees Matthew. 
    God goes , ( Matthew.  Hey Mathew . ) 
    Matthew sees a face in the sky and he goes ( umm yes ) 
    God goes ( Matthew, write this down for me )  
    Matthew goes ( sorry i cant write )  ' this matthew wasn't the samd Mathew of the bible. 

    God sees , Luke .
    God goes ( Luke , Hey Luke. )  
    Lukes like , wow cool. ( yes ) 
    God goes , ( Luke . Write this down for me. ) 
    Lukes hasn't anything on him to write with.     

    You can see where this is going right ?

    Well He starts finding people to write stuff down for him, and he tells them that in 200 maybe 500 years time you are to hand these writings into (____Mr BLANK___  ) 
    (____ Mr BLANK____ )  then makes a book from all the writings. 
    And there you have it. The holy bible.  


    It's somthing like this right? 
    The bible was made like that hey?

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    --> @Deb-8-a-bull
    Nope. Not remotely like that. God, being omnipotent, and, being our literal father of our spirit, about which a physical body was wrapped by, well, an intersection of a man and woman [sorry, no alphabet soup here], organized a plan be which we experience the above process of obtaining a physical body for the purpose of experiencing mortality, fraught with opportunities to make choices. Along the way, we have signposts, both good and bad, both either urging, without coercion, or imposing, by coercion, to choose their separate paths.

    Your Russells and Matthews, are prophets, called of God to guide. They are literate. God already knows this, and can tell them what to write. But they are human. Sometimes, they don't entirely get it right, but their intentions are good and proper, and devoted to God.

    Worse, there are others, lets call them Jack and Shyte, and these are also literate men, and they come along hundreds of years later and interpret what was written by Russell and Matthew, and either by ignorance, or willful, malevolent intent, alter what R & M wrote. The problem is compounded when J & S don't natively speak the language of R & M's native tongue, but think they do because they have a dictionary, but nary a clue about R & M's culture. Without understanding culture, you have transliteration, not translation. You have a comparative dictionary to dictionary transliteration. But languages do not always have, and seldom do, word-to-word identical comparisons. Add the centuries between us and R & M, and you compound the problem with generations of even well-meaning Js & Ss.

    Result: what J & S write may have a semblance of what R & M wrote, but changes are inevitable.

    The dilemma's solution for us is so simple, it escapes most people who read and throw up their hands in the apparent impossibility of understanding J & S., let alone R & M. The solution? Since this is supposed to be inspired text, holy writ as it were, ask the Inspirator. With dedicated study of "the word." Sincerely. With real intent to know. With humility. With lack of doubt. With faith in Christ. The truth will be revealed.