Tariq Nasheed is the Biggest Idiot

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    "ALL sex between Black men and white women is considered rape, EVEN if it's consensual, in a system of white supremacy. Nelly got caught up."

    "then you can go alt-right back to where you came from... Also you weren't using all this tough talk when that brother rolled up on you in person at Denny's......You had to run back to your computer to get courage ."

    "You guys are fatherless."

    So NASCAR driver Kyle Larson exposes himself as being an anti-Black racist who randomly spews the N-word on Twitch like all the other white supremacists on those gamer sites.I’m not shocked

    A lot of these female "poc" who get into Cosplay are really undercover Bed Wenches.& they are getting wake up calls
    This guy is the most idiotic, dumbass I have found on the internet. He is a twisted democrat who is a racist, sexist, garbage. He believes the world should revolve around his policy and stereotypes people based on what he believes. He promotes hates toward whites and uses his platform to spread hate. This is what the he does. He's a race hustler looking for something. Seriously, how do 235.5K people like him. He is actually the dumbest person I've seen use this site. He can't string a sentence without using race and victimizing himself

    This is what a dumbass looks like. Just uses "he talks to Tucker Carlson" as an excuse. Pathetic
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    He made his own bed, one day he will sleep in it like everyone else.
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    --> @SupaDudz
    common case with those types of people, BLM leaders are trash people