Covid-19, but, meanwhile, other typical death rates continue

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    While we are horrified by the mounting number of deaths from Covid-19, are we ignoring that we are still senselessly killing 37,000 per year in highway deaths per year because somebody is not paying attention? I remember the first car my father bought equipped with seat belts in the 60s. That was supposed to curtail that death rate, but there are still people on the road who can't be bothered, and you want Covid-19 to go away? How badly?

    How about that, according to the CDC, 80% of diabetes patients, and 60% of cancer and heart disease patient deaths would be eliminated simply by controlling what we put in our pie holes? Those percentages are applied against the respective totals of 83,000, 600,000, and 647,000 annually, for a grand total of 815,000 pie hole-caused deaths annually. And you want Covid-19 to go away? How badly.

    So you complain that we are inconvenienced a little right now with social distancing and wearing a mask if you must violate staying home for a few months? I'll wager that when Covid-19 is eliminated, we'll still be stupid about seat belts and controlling what goes in the pie hole. Just how much do you think we really do not control in our lives to waste them so senselessly?
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    --> @fauxlaw
    Covid is racist now you know, it disproportionately affects blacks, however as you probably know blacks are also disproportionately obese and diabetic, but let's not talk about, let's talk about covid.

    the sad part is covid is new, obesity and diabetes is not, that should be a huge red flag as to how much people actually care and are concerned about others health.
    I got a bit of a laugh when I heard Ophra was talking about how covid was disproportionate.  You'd think if a billionaire with her influence and money really gave a shit she would have (long ago) addressed and trying to find a solution to the very things that make them disproportionately vulnerable.