What is your favorite TV show?

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I like Monk.
If I had to pick one show to watch AS I DIE ON A DESERT ISLAND start to end, it would be Heroes.

Currently, West World. Never get to watch any other show again, Seinfeld.
--> @Polytheist-Witch
I don't really watch TV. Are there any good recent shows?
--> @Earth
Shameless. Lucifer. HBO has The Deuce, West World, Game of Thrones and Hulu has Castle Rock. If you are an 80's kid Cobra Kai is great.
Rick and morty.
Mostly anime.
--> @Swagnarok
What anime?
--> @Polytheist-Witch
I'll go ahead and try these out.
--> @Polytheist-Witch, @Earth
I agree entirely to Shameless being good. It's uniquely good for a series of its kind and is one of the few series where the US version is better than its alternative.
I like the survivor reality shows.....Survivor Man, Alone, Dual Survivor, Naked and Afraid and Live Free or Die is a good one. 
--> @RationalMadman
Yeah, I was surprised at that. The British version sucked.

--> @ethang5
It has to be one of the only shows of it's its kind where the most epic love tale was the gay one. Mick and Ian's relationship was so insanely complex I loved every apart of it even the rough ones.
--> @RationalMadman
The characters inability to learn from their mistakes was what was compelling to me. I know people like that.
--> @ethang5
I disagree immensely with your outlook on the show.

If you watched the entire series you'd see that what you're saying is only true perhaps for Ian and Lip.

Debbie, Carl, Fiona, Frank, whatever their mother was called, the neighbours and so many other characters evolved immensely as the show went on.

Lip and Ian DEVOLVED from their evolved state as both found it preferable to be flawed, Lip with his delinquency and Ian with his bipolar but Lip still had reformed himself overall and was going placed by the end of the show.
--> @RationalMadman
Agree Shameless is good and better than the UK version (though I usually don't like/prefer the UK version of anything). I'm one season behind on Shameless. 
--> @RationalMadman
Sure they evolved, they just didn't learn from their mistakes and kept repeating the same errors over and over again.

Only Fiona could be said to have woken up a little.

I mainly just watch YT. On YT im a big fan of Pewds and Game Grumps. Last tv show i watched was Gotham and previous to that GoT. Both were excellent imho
--> @secularmerlin
To be fair, you need to have a high IQ to understand Rick and Morty... 


--> @Buddamoose
Gotham is my favourite show right now.
--> @1harderthanyouthink
It really is just so well made. Idk if it follows canon or not but i don' particularly care. Casting is A++ and the story is terrific. The most recent one i saw with the daughter of Falconi was dope AF. Fav characters? 

I think Gordon, Penguin, and Alfred are just A++ casting 

--> @Buddamoose
I totally agree on Gordon, Penguin, and Alfred. I also have strong affinities for Harvey (Bullock) and Falcone. I'm on early Season 3 on Netflix.
--> @Buddamoose
I also forgot to say that I think they casted Selina Kyle perfectly for that age.
--> @1harderthanyouthink
Totally agree with Selena, the relationship between Bruce and her as it evolves is def perfect for that age too. Really, its just overall a great show fmpov 
--> @ethang5
Fiona woke up a lot as did Carl and debbie.
Frank became much more aware that he was cutting himself off from his kids and is telling some reason why Liam was allowed to stay in private school.