What is your favorite TV show?

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The Haunting of Hill House is pretty good. I think some people have been overstating how scary it is, because it really isn't at all, save the end of episode five, which was pretty disturbing. Mainly it's just depressing. And none of it really makes sense (six episodes in). They seem like they could be a real family, the way that they interact with each other and the way that they look. My favorite character is probably Luke.
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"Day Break" was very good. And you're right, the less you know going in, the more you'll enjoy the show. It's one of those shows that leave you bummed when it ends.

Touching the Void was gripping story telling. You cared what happened and felt exhausted at the end. I forgot I was watching a movie.

I like political drama like West Wing, Mayor, and Madam Secretary, but liberal bias always seem to creep in and spoil those shows
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You might like the 1990 BBC television show "House of Cards".

Not the new American version also called "House of Cards".

The BBC version is also on Netflix, I watched through it recently and really enjoyed the twisting and turning of the characters in the story.
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I liked house of cards. Funny and sharp. I'll check out the British version.
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Gold Rush is good.

Ridiculousness is a great comedy.

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Oops left out the "Weather Channel" has good music and good stories good coverage.


Bill Mahr

John Oliver

Stephen Colbert

Seth Myers

Saturday Night Live
Blade Runner { original }

The Ghost Writer

Riddick { 2013 }

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

The Firm { T Cruise }

A Few Good Men { T Cruise, D Moore }

American Made { T Cruise }

The Post { Merly Streep }

The Net { Sandra Bullock }

Critical Path { Bucky Fuller } Synergetics { Bucky Fuller }

The Intelligent Universe { Fred Hoyle }

Tony Hillerman Joe Leaphorn, Jim Chee mystery novels

Martin Cruz Smith Arkady Renko mystery novels

Breaking Bad is awesome. Not gonna lie, though: I did not expect Walter White to be such a mild-mannered and physically unimposing person at the show's beginning, which I'm guessing was the whole point.
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I have started watching Letterkenny on Hulu. Dear gods it's funny.
20 days later
Deadwood, Serenity, Ken Burns anything, Ethics in America, Star Trek, Angels in America, Top Chef,  Monty Pythons Flying Circus, The Goode Life, Mad Men, The Wire, The Good Place, Pants Off Dance Off, RuPaul’s Drag Race, KBDI’s Teletunes, Brent Sadler’s live drive through Tikrit

I like the office.
I'm into Family Guy and South Park. Could live on those
I started Sabrina but not sure if I like it. Was a big fan of the cheesey one with Hart. This one  is really pounding Wicca as good and all other witchcraft as Satan based. I really hate that it's totally inaccurate even if a tv show.