China deserves trade sanctions, at least, for a second incident of poor economic practices

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    The PRC has, for a second time within one year, performed badly in the international market, if not for infraction of human decency & rights. First for its lack of appropriate and timely action in the containment of the Covid-19 virus, and now with apparent forced labor, typically known as slavery, in the production of wigs using human hair released to the world market. It is not the issue that the wigs are of human hair; that product is legal to produce and market. But the apparent discovery that China's production of this merchandise is at least partially produce by forced labor is a second travesty. As Oromagi successfully argued in the latest debate on penalizing China on their Covid-19 incident [he argues that there is no international law that would penalize China, and he's right], it leaves a bad taste in one's mouth that no legal penalty is available to use against them. However, against abuse of human rights by way of slavery does have the imprimatur of international law, existing for the last 90 years as the Forced Labor Convention of the International Law Organization [C29]. China keeps proving they are not worthy to be part of the WTO. They are trolling that organization.
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    What good is applying sanctions to the unsactionable?

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    They are horrible as a country, no freedom of expression, thought and speech . Trade cannot bustle in an environment where trading partners or their nationals are being sentenced to death. Few months back the Chinese sentenced a Canadian to death for drug peddling and are currently holding 2 Canadians as a bargaining chip , when Canada detained a Huawei executive for questioning.