Unified-8- Dynamiv vs Static Scenario Universe

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    Part 1...where soul meets the spirit meets the mind....

    Unified-8-Dynamic vs Static Scenario Universe { not a matrix }

    Jim Lehman has done an excellent job of commensurating the static 5-fold, with the static 4-fold, Isotropic Vector Matrix{ IVM }, without affecting Fullers static Concentric Hierarchy { LINK }. However, I think we all tend to forget the dynamism of the transformational VE { cubo{6}-octa{8}hedron } via jitterbug. LINK-1 and LINK-2, which only show a some phases of the VE/jitterbug transformations.

    Not shown are its double sine-wave patterning ex as is found with the electro-magnetic sine-waves, negative shaped curvature --- see saddle negative curvature  on inner surface of a torus--- and other exotic configurations I can go into later.
    Some years back I posted ideas of unification of 5-fold and 4-fold by adding 8 icosahedra to outer surface of the VE’s { cubo-octahedron } 8 surface triangles. 16 icosahedra if we put an icosahedron on each side of the VE's 8 triangle surfaces/openings i.e. the nuclear icosahedron, would actually be 8, valenced icosahedra.
    With dynamism in mind, Fullers first step was to conceptually axis spin the primary 5-fold and 4-fold polyhedra on their 5-fold 3 sets { 6, 10 and 15  } great circle planes and on the 4-fold VE’s 4 sets of axi { 3, 4, 6, and 12 } great circleplanes { LINK }  This in turn produced the 25, 4-fold great circles, and the 31 left and 31 right ---total 62---   skew icosahedral great circles.
    And we could do all of that within context of the IVM or Jims 5-fold Icosa-Stellate-60 Matrix, ---associated with his commensurate 5-fold and 4-fold Pentagonal Vector  Matrix aka 'Lehmanville'---  just as we could do that with set of overlapping VE within the IVM. However, none of that nesccesarily invokes the transformational processes of the VE, as the 4-fold, cubo-octahedral jitterbug.
    Some years back, Jim very graciously made a few graphics for me    ---based on the Unification ideas I presented above-- and to investigate, and they pretty much all involved Euclidean version of the VE and icosahedra with some surprises as to what was created inside the VE, when the VE transformed to it octahedral phase, and next it tetrahedral phase/configuration.
    1} So that was a brief venture into Unification via dynamism of the VE jitterbug with the attached icosahedra. However, we never had any graphics of those dynamics with 25 great circles or the 31 left + 31 right-skewsets.
    2} we never had any of those dynamics with those abstract great circles applied as the axi of great tori.
    O|O was the icon I used for me Unification-8-Theory of Everything at that time some years ago. This icon represented the a flattened VE { cubo-octahedron } ----partial reference in LINK-2 top of page---   via its jitterbug transformations and I associated withthe the heat death of our finite, yet eternally existent, occupied space Universe { Uni-V-erse } wherein there was a left and right skew set of 31 greatcircles sphericals on each side of the flat line VE...... O|O..........
    These two sets overlap with the flattened VE's 25 great circles, and the two overlap and imprint upon each other all of there great circles, or at least the would if they were all Euclidean polyhedral to begin with ergo, spherical makes it a little hard to say what looks like wha texactly.

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    I repeat for the sake of everything that has been damned by the Gods of every single religion, please post something that we can understand. We are in a debating website, not a lecture website.
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    i wonder if scientists would 100% get this or be just as lost as i am