Maltese Cross, 24-Cell, Photon...?

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    Above I came across this Maltese Cross kinda of photonic shape via holographic processes. LINK

    Prior to that I had come across the 24 cell via octahedron in this following video LINK and if you go to 15:45 and begin you will see several view of a Maltese Cross as the 24 cell is spun.

    Ive for years associated the electron with an octahedron of one sort or another, and we know that photons only interact with electrons, ergo we may say whatever and electron is, it is also combination of photons and maybe neutrinos or whatever is produced when the electron comes apart.

    So I was happy to find both of the above recently and look of patterned correlations.

    In my explorations of great circles, I associate the photon{ bosonic force } with the 10 great circles --ergo central axi of 10 great tori--- of the 5-fold icosahedron. LINK and that is 5 differrent sets of the 4-fold cubo-octahedron.

    On a side note I associate all mesons { bosonic force composed of two fermions } with the 4 great circles ---ergo great tori-- of the cubo-octahedron i.e. he strong nuclear force between hadrons { heavy } nuclei of the atom ex protons and neutrons.