Radio Culture Rendered Imagine Dragons Overrated

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    I wonder what Corey Taylor meant when he talked of the baton being passed to Imagine Dragons from Nickelback. Slipknot had been struggling a lot to keep themselves together. I'm bringing this up after a year because the contemporary hate on a band had to be attributed to popular comments like this.

    First of there is a certain media exaggeration about ID that they are a Rock band although they are not and they never claimed to be one. They always preferred to be an Alternative generic. Some may call them a pop band but still I believe they pertain to a certain variation within the pop spectrum itself. Their earlier productions gave out a rock impression in some way and so when they entered mainstream they went with the flow of being called a rock band but who wouldn’t? When you are selling and are on the top of the charts with a huge fanbase why wouldn’t you want to go with the flow?

    Secondly, the idea of them being overrated has flooded through the hardcore rock and metal fans. While that's a legit conversation to engage in, I would like to point out that some of their songs (of course the recent ones starting from Evolve) might be so overrated in the radio culture that the actual good songs from the package are left out and so its very obvious that the basis of toxicity towards the artists in this case is again the overwhelming exaggeration of the media.

    Thirdly, there is another accusation that ID has a similar style and lyrical pattern in their music- although I don’t think they entertain similar style as I mentioned before, I'd agree being a fan that they follow the same strain of pattern in all their later songs. Same EDM beats and electropop inclusion have earned them quite a bit of backlash. But on the flip side, their lyrics are actually far better than most of the melodramatic lyrics today.

    Fourthly, if you haven’t listened to all their songs you can't judge by the media propaganda on its own. The Smoke+Mirrors was actually a legendary album and Night Visions was very close. Evolve had some unexposed good songs but just for the selected few got the setback from metal communities. Origin though sucked except for only a few songs on the list. All in all, it is to be understood that they have a certain fanbase that you can't change. Since they are not the Rock you want them to be and they don’t claim themselves to be what you want them to be, it is almost illogical to hate on a band that is now highly successful more than most in the scene today. Resorting to accept subjectivity is what humans haven’t learnt yet it seems. In fact, sometimes the hate comes off pure jealousy from a particular fanbase of pure Rock band who couldn’t make the spotlight while ID came under within an unbelievably short span of time.

    I'm not an expert in the music area and I don’t even want to be one. Being knowledgeable of a silly topic like this wont earn me anything formidable. I don’t think I ever for once in my life produced hate comments on any band or musician for what they do. Because I always feel that's not my place. Imagine Dragons actually played a huge role in my life alongside Coldplay and Pink Floyd to uplift my spirit whenever I was down.