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    Sen. Richard Blumenthal [D-CT] has declared there will be consequences if the Court is not cured of its ideological balance. Before making a fool of himself, he ought to do some research; my favorite activity. As in, first asking if there is an ideological imbalance on the Supreme Court. Is there? According to the Cornell University Legal Information Institute 2015 study of the historical results of Supreme Court findings from its inception, 59.2% of all cases have been decided by unanimous decision [since 1869, that’s 9-0].
    Tell me how an ideologically imbalanced Court arrives at a unanimous decision a clear majority of times it renders decisions? I’ll educate Blummie, who generally appears clueless: The Court is successful, much more so than Congress, to render decisions based on the Law, not by ideology. It is also clear that this is not descriptive of Congress, nor should it be. Blummie ought to understand why there is a separation of powers in a government that uses differing measuring sticks to do each branch’s job. Blummie has not yet learned this, and probably never will. How’s that for consequence?