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    Madman is Back!

    After his exit, Madman suddenly returned to DART, battling the infamous Undefeatable. Will he get his revenge due to central banks forfeit? Or will he fail once again? Only time will tell.

    Intelligence's Trial

    Though intelligence is one of the top ranked debaters on the site, he recently lost a debate against TheWeakerEdge. Now he is questioning science and education alike against Undefeatable. We await to see if he has lost his touch, or if he is just playing around and will shatter our friend's namesake!

    Undefeatable's Rematch

    MisterChris and Undefeatable excitedly line up for another match, after the latter had lost his first debate to the former. We wonder who will win this, as the case is even for both sides and depends mostly on who is the better debater.

    And that's all folks! Keep in touch for the next edition, coming soon...