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I like punk rock a lot

--> @SupaDudz
That was pop rock. This is punk rock:

I like it too, at times. That's one of the best punk rock songs of the past decade.
--> @RationalMadman
I enjoy 5SOS Punk/Pop Rock. Definetly a generation defining song
--> @RationalMadman

I think Ghost would be considered one of the top punk rock type bands of the decade. 
--> @RationalMadman
Nm... i guess they are considered more of a rock band. 
--> @Outplayz
I mean firstly I wouldn't call that truly punk but also I think that's far inferior to Palaye Royale's stuff. Lacks so much oomph etc. (oomph is essential to punk rock, you can't have calm punk rock).
This is good music, but I think most non-hardcore fans would prefer this version.  

Here is an excellent cover of the same song, by another great band.

However, whether you liked what I linked above, or not...  you should appreciate this fantastic song by an equally fantastic band. 

3fortiori - Lacey

I actually really like the hook and the beat
--> @RationalMadman
That was a great song

My personal favorite pink Floyd song ;-)

--> @warren42

From Into the wild


I see you have that profile pic, fucking incredible movie

--> @SupaDudz
Hey, I am a big muse fan!

personal favorites

Knights of Cydonia

--> @Dr.Franklin
Nice. I like some of Muse, and think they are good
K.A.A.N Sirens