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    As we see the nearly finished-with-voting debate from Undefeatable vs Intelligence, I call for an emergency news edition! Voters are ping-ponging back and forth. While Whiteflame's vote made it seemingly clear that others had voted wrong, the similar-caliber Danielle disagreed with arguments. It's an epic tie with many voters disagreeing with sources, especially Fauxlaw and Fruit disagreeing despite Undefeatable's use of scholarly journals, yet others such as Ben, Weakeredge and aforementioned Danielle yet still voting in favor for sources. It's perhaps the most divisive debate ever since the inception of DebateArt!

    Calling in all voters, there may not be much time left but try to put in your best analysis! The most heated short debate of DebateArt may yet get into the hall of fame with your help, and you'll have a part in it! Regardless of who wins or losses, it'll be interesting to see who won the most votes.

    This has been 9sk/gugigor/seldiora, bringing you in live from the emergency situation at hand.