Gov Cuomo: never intended...

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    So, Cuomo says he never intended to make women uncomfortable. No, if he also claims that touching and kissing has always been his mantra, then his intent is clear. What he has intentionally ignored is that the world has changed from his era of assumed allowance by women to be touched by either strangers or familiars who are not intimate familiars. Therefore, what he claims as not intentional is exactly intentional by two standards.
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    There was never an era where consent was assumed, you literally can't assume consent of conscious beings who clealry indicate they aren't comfortable with what's happening. What changed was that in disgustingly masculine era and cultures such as the brutal 1500s of Samurai Japan and such, there was no concern whatsoever paid to the consent of women. If you fancied making a woman into your concubine, you took her by force or sliced her head and even her children's heads (or the head of a man close to her) until she caved in non-consensually. That is how cruel historical humans have been to women and children.

    Masculinity, if it is too high in any environment or culture, is severely toxic to all involved. This is why all-boys schools are far more psychologically harmful for males than all-girls schools are for females (proven by several different studies into how each affects students through to adulthood).

    We need to become more empathetic and caring to one another if we want to better the world.