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What did you guys think of the cinematic film, "Cars"?

(totally not making this for the purpose of being the first person to ever post in this forum)
--> @Vaarka
Well considering I want a truck that looks just like "Mater" I'd say it's become pretty popular, with the kids anyways. It wasn't my favorite movie but it had some great scenes. If I had to complain it would be the same complaint I have with all the newer animations....they need to slow the scenes down like the older movies, that's why they are better. Too fast paced, they did a real good job with Nemo, Toy Story and the Iron Giant with making the scenes slower like the older cartoons, which makes them more memorable. 
--> @Vaarka
I liked it and I loved the game even better. I believe the "Cars" game was on Vtech. Pretty good memories lol
15 days later
--> @EtrnlVw
Too fast paced, they did a real good job with Nemo, Toy Story and the Iron Giant
When I was little I watched finding Nemo and thought that was literally how people in Sydney spoke. Didn't really know anything about America at the time, so I was hilariously wrong. 

--> @Smithereens
Haven't seen the movie in a while, but they sounded pretty Aussie to me. Am I missing something lmao
--> @Smithereens
Lol, man I could still watch Nemo, what a great movie. "NEMO is swimming out to thea!".

"All the animals have gone mad!!!". 

--> @Vaarka
ye lol Marlin and Dory are both American voices. 
--> @Smithereens
oh lmao
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--> @Vaarka
It was a good movie.

Cars 2 and Cars 3 on the other hand were disappointing.
--> @Vaarka
5 out of 10 ca-chow
Cars was good.

Cars 2 was too many characters.

Cars 3 was just...confusing???
--> @Vaarka
First film I remember seeing in my life. 

Pretty average though tbh
Cars was amazing

Cars 2 sucked

Cars 3 was a tear jerker, but not amazing
--> @nmvarco
Cars 3 was just...confusing???
Your not that good with movies aren't you. It was very easy to follow

--> @Vaarka
Why watch a stupid animated movie?
91 days later
My nephew went through a prolonged phase of loving "Cars"  He'll still just watch a Cars movies automatically if you drop it in front of him.  Works like hypnotism.  I particularly like the red rock west setting- which landscapes I've always found quite captivating.
257 days later
Cars 1 never appealed to me, Cars 2 was the single worst movie Pixar has made, Cars 3 was good.

Cars 1 was a 4.5/10

Cars 2 was a 2/10

Cars 3 was a 7/10

--> @Trent0405
I was a huge Cars fanatic when I was kid. Loved 1 and 3. 2 did not appeal to me
--> @SupaDudz
I was also once a fan of cars 1, it's only when I opted to revisit it when I decided it was trash. Perhaps I'm a bit too harsh on cars 1, it did what it was supposed to, amuse young(er) children, and pass the time for people who are a bit older.
--> @Trent0405
Fair enough. lead a pathway of memes too.
i love mater he is a popular character throughout all three cars movies.Also he is a goofy character. i think he's is awesome.
Cars is amazing. 3 was just a politically correct movie catering to women. Progressively got worst as is the case with pretty much all movies with sequels