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    I think we should lay off virtually every single teacher.  This way, the school saves money.

    Students can get educated through Khan Academy or some other form of virtual education.  Students can go to school for this purpose as well as socialization.  If they choose to do Khan academy at home, then they don't get the socialization benefits that they would otherwise enjoy.

    Students would be motivated to learn Khan academy in the classroom by paying $20 for the right to enter the class and whoever gets the least amount of khan academy points in a classroom out of a 21 kid classroom for that school day gets none of those dollars back, the student who is 2nd to last gets $2, the student who is 3rd to last gets $4 and so on until the winner gets double the amount they put into the pot.  This way, people have incentive to learn.

    The teachers can participate in place and take (P&T) for the USA if they don't like their jobs due to the decreased salary.  If you comment responding to this post, I can tell you what P&T is.