Mom took PlayStation away, so 11-year-old Cleveland boy led police on second high-speed chase

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    mY pArEnTs DoN't CoNtRoL mE

    Dude this was his 3rd in 13 months wtf

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    --> @SupaDudz

    He's living my childhood dream.
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    I know/knew a child like this. My mother's family-friend's (like really close friend to the fam from childhood, closest to my mother) had a son who essentially has (well, had) one of the most severe forms of ADHD I have ever seen someone have in my life. It is likely he inherited it from his father (let's just say, the dad was broken away from the mother and never got to see his kids so you can read between the lines and work out what temperament he had) but unlike his sibling(s) this kid would have, and I do not exaggerate, jumped out of a window and died if his mother was too neglectful to chain-lock it and think of every single way he could do something for a thrill.

    He once was hiding in the back of the neighbour's car and they had the scare of their life when they realised 3 roads away from the house that he was back there. In fact, they only found out because he got too bored of staying still back there as the thrill of hiding had been lost (he was very small and I think was under the front seat, it's unlikely he was literally in the back given how well he was hiding).

    The problem with this guy is that you can't become meaner to him, it literally is not only wrong but it won't work. The harsher my mother's friend became, the worse his erratic behaviour would get and it wasn't even a revenge thing. This kid would most likely have committed suicide out of the sadness of being disciplined or spoken to in too unloving a way. He is not a nasty guy at all, he basically is the type of person who is born to skydive and shit, it's just that when he was too young to understand consequences properly or see any reason to be careful in and of itself, he basically thought 'why not' all the time. He's now 14 or something (haven't seen him in years they don't live near us at all) and last I saw, he's slowly beginning to understand consequences but... Idk, it's like he just wants trouble and I find it funny because I can totally relate to him at times but he's beyond me. He's definitely not a rational madman, he's full-on madman but he's gonna be great at being it. I could see him as some kind of stunt double or something who enjoys every day of his life.