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    --> @Castin
    If not genitals then WTF am I seeing at 5:20.

    ..."There are almost 4,000 species of jellyfish, according to Cheryl Lewis Ames, a jellyfish researcher at the University of Maryland, College Park."...

    ..."The males [ medusa jeelies } release their sperm into the water en masse through a single orifice, which serves as a mouth, anus and reproductive channel, on the underside of their bells. "They create a swamp of reproductive material,"

    Some male jellies of another species use their tentacles.  That is closet we come to a jelly penis.

    ..."males, on the other hand, stop mating when their four pairs of testes are empty of sperm, Ames said."...

    There  are four pairs of tetrahedra   --four pairs of surface triangles---  that composed the cubo{6}-octa{8}hedron. A cubo{6}-octa{8}hedron is a vertex truncated cube.

    I associate #8 with biological

    Box jellies have 24 eyes and cubo-octahedron has;

    24 chords,
    24 potential right triangles in its 8 surface triangles
    24 potential right triangles in its 6 squares
    24 radii when constructed from 4 circular or hexagonal paper planes

    " U "niverse > Universe > Universe . I -verse < you-verse we-verse > them-verse

    Gravitational SPACE ( + )>>>>><<<<<< ) - ( Dark Energy SPACE

    Time >66.4< --frequency ^v^v >>>><<<< Mind/Intellect 12--3-fold 4-fold and 5-fold

    Biological *8* --bilateral four's--   >>>><<<< Spin <left 6 right >---Pitch, Yaw Roll{ 3 * 2 = 6 }

    IS >2< --positive /\ and>>>>><<<<<< /\ negative tetrahedron