Why is the i-phone so popular?

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--> @ethang5
Hollywood is for the pervs and the pedos. Hollywood and anything to do with it makes me barf and get explosive diarrhea
Hollywood is for the pervs and the pedos. Hollywood and anything to do with it makes me barf and get explosive diarrhea
But in Hollywood all the stars and in people rock i-phones. Don't you want to be cool ?
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--> @ethang5
Apple spends more in marketing than in the manufacture of this piece of shet, that is why the iphone is costly.

Besides, marketing is a very nice tool to convince the ignorant masses to buy whatever you want, even things of low quality. Regardless, I think the iphone has improved a lot, the only problem is that it is overpriced for the reasons I've already explained.
--> @IlDiavolo
Good points, but my point was more to the faddish nature of it than to the quality of the phone. 

Its the same phenonom with everyone suddenly having tattoos, or wailing about kids separated from parents, or weddings having bridesmen and groomsmaids. Fad. All fad.

People following the fad all say, "I wanted to be unique". Really? So you go and do what the majority are doing to be unique?

I have 3 grown daughters, and none of them has ever wanted an
I-phone, a tattoo, or a democratic voter's card. So proud of them.
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I bought a like-new iPhone once.  It was my first smartphone and especially affordable opportunity at the time.  The relationships they are able to found with carriers cannot be discounted.  Apple phones were marketed with such high margins at the stores people were accustomed to shopping and often the cost is commonly covered through (anticompetitive) contract, where people briefly choose an updated phone that is intuitive to them and has the features they require.  

My experience with the iPhone was intitally positive since I enjoyed the music quality and only used it to play a few games.  I liked the handling, design, and the extent that i understood its engineering.  Ultimately it became frustrating as apple is apparantly content to impair their products after a certain time with software, and I became discontented with the company.  So I no longer buy apples because I believe in buying things that are worth owning, before I even consider the market value.  That said, there is still probably some rationale in which consumeristic individuals find them appealing to their application regardless of my experience.   Apple products have a relative reputation for reliability, and thoughtful integration.  While knowledge is preferable to brand based shopping, that's not always practical for everyone.  Many people in the current market are not too technically inclined, or too busy and stressed for another learning curve and the name associated services are worth more to them.

Apple iPhones are well constructed in my experience.  I really could not care less about the (above standard) specifications relative to other products with my priorities, as long as as it is designed properly, and performance is sufficient for your intended application.  

Edit: Worth more in dollars, not necessarily the time that we use them to account for.
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It used to be Nokia, then it was the blackberry, then Motorola, then Samsung, now Iphones. It's all fad. Followers mindlessly doing what their peers are doing. What will it be in 5 years?

What causes this lemming behavior in people? What is the need to be like everyone else and have what they have?

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Hollywood is for the pervs and the pedos.
Really? Are pedos a big thing in Hollywood?
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 Google does spy on you but that's fine 

NO it's not fine, that information is with the deep state
Okay well I guess since I already invested all that time reading the thread just to only at the end realize it was necroed I will at least put in my two cents, which is to say... Why the hell are you nerds paying over $100 for goddamn phones? Seriously what the hell?

Oh also, this vid was made years ago but still hilariously relevant today and good for a laugh...

Someone gave me an Iphone as a gift.  That's how I got one.
--> @ethang5
Clever marketing.

Invent something that no one necessarily needs and then convince everyone that they cannot live without it.

A bit like the wheel.

--> @zedvictor4
A bit like the wheel.
You must mean more like the car.
--> @ethang5

Definitely the car and the latest bit of tech.