What's your ideal look for fashion?

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I think classy look is an ideal look. What about you? 
Depends on the occasion. I am almost always casual in some way even when wearing a suit. I have a way of making the most uptight outfit seem flamboyant by the way I wear it or way it's tailored to me if I'm literally paying money to make it.

Despite not being homosexual or f****t-vibey I do admit I have a feminine streak to me simply due to my slimness and generally elegant look, even with facial hair I have extreme elegance to my look. I suit a style I call 'casual but elegant'. 

--> @RationalMadman
how delightful!! That's cool. Thanks for sharing. I'm really intrigued. 
--> @WarriorQueenForever
So like this:

With a much better gold tie though.
I never just wear a T-shirt with shorts unless it's really hot. Even then there's an elegance to the shorts I pick, they would go down over the knees etc.
--> @RationalMadman
wow that's very elegant indeed. Thanks for sharing. 
that was a clip on tie, bro
--> @WarriorQueenForever
Out of date mallrat.

Frustrated lumberjack.

Suicidal officeworker.
I love crop tops, shorts, mini skirts and tight dresses. In other words I like to dress like a slut. 
Well right now I'm wearing cutoff sweatpants and a t shirt...

but I usually wear Brooks Brothers button down oxford shirts, and jeans from one specific American made brand.
Not wearing anything in the cold. That how a real man does it! :)
--> @WarriorQueenForever

Tops: I usually wear a short sleeve shirt with a pullover(fleese over it) Somedays I wear flannel too.

Here are some examples

My hoodies are usually basic grey, navy blue, etc. 

Sometimes I wear a vineyard vine shirt

Bottoms: When I am inside, always workout shorts. No ifs and's or but's about it.

When I am going out for the night. I will usually wear jeans or khakis. Nothing to unusual.

I rarely wear sweatpants because they tend to itch. But I wear very loose ones to show off my shoes :)


Sadly I own gucci flip flops :(
--> @SupaDudz
What I don't understand is why Timberland work boots have become so popular among kids in the city we live in.  I noticed among a lot of christmas shoppers, an unusual level of them.  On the one hand, it snows a lot here and they're useful for that reason.  Many of them are non-slip.  That's good, especially for ice.  But, at the same time, they're horribly uncomfortable and not especially good looking.  I wear loafers or chelsea boots.  Mostly loafers now, though.  Almost never wear tennis shoes, except at the gym.  That said, I'm a big fan of half zip fleece jackets.  Mostly I go North Face, but Patagonia is a good brand too.  

--> @coal
Depends on color scheme of your normal clothes really. Usually jeans and Timbs are what kids wear. It is a style wear it could vary depending on the color clothes.

White jeans and timbs
Blue jeans and timbs
Even grey jeans and timbs all have a style to it

But yea they are very heavy and sometimes hard to fit
By the way I hate fashion with a passion.

Why do people follow the lastest trands? 

I will never get it!

Why would someone one paid 10k for a suit?
Why would someone buy a 7k Bottega Veneta? 

Why would anyone want to over spend on things you can actually get for a cheaper price? You
still could look Good in cloths and it doesn't have to be extremely expensive.


--> @whatthef
Fair. It gives people a sense of power to some extent and meaning

I just like the clothes. I ain't paying 500 for belts
--> @whatthef
You can measure happiness in a certain unit. I forget what it is called

Some people get more units of happiness from buying Gucci and expensive brands. Some get more from cheap, stylist clothes, or some get none from clothes and consider it a burden. It just depends
--> @WarriorQueenForever
Fortunately for me, Australia has some excellent budget options, of which look pretty snazzy. We're in Summer atm, so I absolutely LOVE wearing dresses and skirts. It also fits the season very well, as Australian summers tend to be unforgivably warm.

For dresses, Kmart does a pretty good job for me, with stuff like this making several appearances in my wardrobe: (https://www.kmart.com.au/product/sleeveless-tiered-maxi-dress/2267405), or like some of these from Target (https://www.target.com.au/p/lily-loves-fit-and-flare-dress/61746008). They should be light and airy (and preferable light coloured), so I don't feel like I'm in a furnace. Girly patterns are so good on these, too, like a floral print.

As for skirts, Kmart does pretty well, too, offering budget, yet classy shirts like this for relatively cheap: (https://www.kmart.com.au/product/short-sleeve-spoke-trim-top/2205302) or this (https://www.kmart.com.au/product/short-sleeve-relaxed-shirt/2257814). I like summer shirts to be looser -- having a flowwy and breathy shirt during summer is so important. I then match that with like skirts like this: (https://www.kmart.com.au/product/a-line-ruffle-skirt/2256340) or this (https://www.kmart.com.au/product/undone-hem-denim-skirt/2288361). If I find some excess money, I sometimes spend it on upper class stuff, like this from David Jones: (https://www.davidjones.com/women/clothing/skirts/21944335/CHERRY-BOMB-RUFFLE-MINI-SKIRT.html). I think that stuff looks better, but it's like at least 4x as expensive lol.

For shoes, if I'm wearing lighter colours (especially a white), there's half a chance I'm going to let my shoes make an impact, like this: (https://www.davidjones.com/women/shoes/flats/21849924/Cendrillon-Ballet.html). If it's not white, I might go with like a black. I don't at all like Vans or Converse -- makes you look like a teenager. I always thought that ballet-like shoes looked so classy, and as long as I'm not doing a whole lot of walking, I'll wear them heaps during summer. Sometimes, I'll put on heels for nighttime activities, but flat ballets really make me happy haha.

I'll occasionally wear a broad-brimmed straw hat, especially if I'm going to the beach. I'm sure you know what those look like.

I have the odd short, but it's like why would you bother during Summer, when you wear pants on about every day during Winter?

That's pretty much all I wear, during Summer. Hope that's classy enough :)

I just try to look timeless. Like I could go through a time machine to any era and not look out of place. I worry how people will jidge my photos 200 years ffom now
--> @Wylted
I worry how people will jidge my photos 200 years ffom now
Currently, we look rather fondly upon dress from 200 years ago (at least imo). We tend to think it's classy, put on a fake, posh British accent, and it seems to instil a kind of respect in others.

Unless it's something outrageous from the 80s, or something stupid like sagging your pants as if you're from "da hood", I think you don't have a lot to worry about.

--> @Analgesic.Spectre
You're appearance will still be good 200 years from now pretty never goes out of style, but look at the photo that exists of billy the kid. He was considered a heart throb in his day but he is clearly ugly as fuck. There is no such thing as timeless beauty for men. If I become a vampire, I'm fucked.

--> @Wylted
You're appearance will still be good 200 years from now pretty never goes out of style
Aww. How sweet :)

but look at the photo that exists of billy the kid. He was considered a heart throb in his day but he is clearly ugly as fuck.
Social status and demeanour are important, when it comes to calculating a man's attractiveness.

There is no such thing as timeless beauty for men. If I become a vampire, I'm fucked.
It does seem to change, throughout the years. Rather than becoming a vampire, you could always transgender, although that's a far more controversial move.
--> @Analgesic.Spectre
I prefer to keep my testicles, but thanks for your advice anyway.
--> @Wylted
It's very heteronormative to assume that a woman can't have testicles.
--> @ResurgetExFavilla
True, plus I don't want anyone to think I'm gay for sucking some chicks dick either.