Education For Bullies

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I'll wait for bsh1 to investigate your snitchi....ahem....your complaints.
Sorry Ethan, but I never sent any of this to Bsh, it's only here in your thread where it belongs, that others may read the OP and then see for themselves the hard evidence you provided in your posts showing who the real bully is here.

--> @Goldtop
Why did you came back??? 

The site was doing fine without you.. Go back where you came from. That's back to your mother wound!!! :)

--> @whatthef
A new account on the same day Ethan was banned, what are the odds?
The odds says it time up for you...
--> @whatthef
Is ice cream on the menu for your 13th birthday party?
--> @disgusted
Aww, how sweet of you! You really shouldn't have.

Why? Cause it not my b-day! And you got my age wrong. But I will forgive you this time around… ;)

But thank you for the thoughtfulness of asking… 
But the answer is NO. 

What kind a gift  would you want you little 7 year old boy?

--> @whatthef
No 2nd prizes numpty.
--> @disgusted
What you want a hot wheel toy car. Well, ok that is reasonable, Little boy... :)