I have been a centrist for YEARS!

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    So one minute I'm a liberal, but some think I am right wing? Tragique! It depends on the issue for me, but I am progun for mentally stable people, all lives matter, taxation should be limited to a ten percent income tax, cut military spending, limit wars, reduce the deficit, audit the fed, have more religious liberty, proisrael, STOP RACE BAITING, WE ARE ALL ONE HUMAN RACE, I still think healthcare is a right, we should abolish torture, gays deserve a civil union, weed should be legal, I support Trump on trade. I believe education is a right: Until you graduate high school, or get your GED. I support a bipartisan solution to immigration like building the wall AND creating a pathway to citizenship. I guess I am a conservative with exceptions. All I ask is that you ask me what my opinion is, because I fucking hate people trying to think for me, liberal, OR conservative, and I will be voting Republican in 2020, but I am not far right, or far left, I am far forward, towards Jesus. People like Greyparrot have some valid concerns, duh.

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