Dear Michael: Poem

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    Dear Michael,
    It seemed like yesterday where we all kids
    Playing in the sun from dawn til dusk
    We would be together everywhere
    We were inseparable
    Those were the times
    Then the hormones kicked in
    All we could talk about was girls and sports
    We had a list of most important things
    1.The boys
    Life was more complex dealing with our changing bodies
    Everytime we saw a pretty smile we all stared
    We all wanted to be the best
    We expanded our group
    We expanded ourselves
    Until we formed our own gang of friends
    We would watch movies and go to the gas station
    Because they had the best damn chips ever
    Highschool came around
    Bigger place, new people
    New everything
    Even new beginnings
    You seemed happy
    But everything on the inside was tearing you apart
    Family fights, family deaths
    Dividing the families apart
    Until they had enough and the court came in
    That’s when it came crashing down for you
    When I thought you were at the top of your game
    You were at the bottom
    Messed with the wrong people
    Became some weirdo
    I thought you didn’t like me
    While I was finding new friends, you were waiting for me
    The friend you had all your life
    Ol’ Reliable
    My homie, my everything
    My Everything
    That’s what you said when we had that fight
    The one fight where bricks flew and TV cracked
    Dear Michael,
    I wish it didn’t end like that
    Dear Michael,
    I wish I could say happily ever after
    But your mind said no
    A manipulative liar that forced you in the dark hole
    That I was too scared to help you climb out of
    Medications on the table
    Just for a break at life
    The long thick blade so tempting to the eye
    Cut the skin
    The skin you thought was full of disappointment
    The skin you hated
    The skin you wished never existedThe skin you tore open with the sharp blade
    Oh, what do I have done Michael?
    What could I have done?
    I wish I knew more
    I wish I could have talked to you more
    While you were there crying into a pillow
    I was making moves with girls in the willow
    But I would never tag you along
    And ask what’s been going wrong?
    I wish
    I could’veBut I didn’t
    Standing by the grave
    Open casket
    The Jordan Jersey for christmas right back at you
    Homie I wish you were here
    To see all I did
    All my degrees, all my money
    All the fame, all the success
    You would’ve wanted me to have it
    It’s the most I could have done
    To make you proud
    Number one, the boys