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    Not that I'm overly interested in cricket, but modernity hasn't treated it well.

    Cricket should be a game about nuance and detail. It should be about bowlers attempting to fizz the ball into the rough patch. It should be about a batsman receiving several unplayable delivers, but having the mental fortitude to strike a loose ball to the boundary the next delivery. It should be about a tailender, whom averages 2.50 with the bat, needing to survive 3 overs of hostile bowling, in order to draw the match and win the series. There's a lot of story and wholesome feeling, in test cricket.

    T20 cricket and shorter forms are like rollercoaster rides. Sure, they're super exciting, but they're more a cheap thrill. This isn't even to begin on how the bowlers are cheated -- only given a handful of overs, and are basically bowling to restrict the score, rather than dismiss the batsman. The pitches are flat, too. Batsman can fling the bat around with little regard for technique, top-edge several pull shots for six, and still be praised for "being aggressive" and knowing that "they all count".

    T20 and shorter forms are nothing more than inferior baseball matches -- they are not real cricket.
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    You're not wrong.  But a shorter format is coming anyway,