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Besides yourself, name the 2 posters at Dart who you think consistently make the best posts.

(Please don't use this as an excuse to throw shade at anyone.)

Mine are PGA2.0 and dylancatlow

There are others, but the post limits it to only 2.

--> @ethang5, @Outplayz, @Castin
Castin and Outplayz.
--> @RationalMadman
Good choices. They were among my "others".
--> @RationalMadman
Thanks man. I nominate you too bc i truly enjoy reading your posts.. not just to compliment back.

I also enjoy reading from BRU7AL, EtrnlVw, and SecularMerlin.  
analgesic, dylan, drafter, and Wylted
--> @ResurgetExFavilla
We'll just agree to see only dylan and drafter. Only 2 renegade. Only 2. But good choices. Draft especially.
--> @ethang5
Only two?? I'll pick three from three different categories....Mhykiel,(Theist) Outplayz (agnostic) and 3RU7AL (atheist), more so Outplayz when he's not policing moderators (JK)...hard not to pick my fav members though, perhaps they are the same as my fav posters (minus a few). 
--> @Outplayz
Hey outz,

Seems your status has risen since your DDO days. You go boy!

--> @EtrnlVw
Lol trust me i can tell we butt heads on the moderation issues... but, it would be astronomically weird if there wasn't something we couldn't disagree on. 
--> @RationalMadman
Castin and Outplayz.
I don't really make good posts these days. Preoccupation with mod stuff has drawn my attention away from participating in discussions in the forums.

I'll agree on Outplayz.

--> @Castin
I mean I am first place, you are third. I agree he is supreme in his consistent quality despite his quantity. You pick and choose when to try but even your mod-forum-posts are good. You are undeniably the one who should be head mod other than me and I got no fucking qualms saying it out loud anymore.
--> @RationalMadman
Yeah I'll have to disagree there. I shouldn't be head mod. Not fit for it.

I'm musing on my two picks. Mm...
--> @Castin
I'll accept your disagreement as deputy/vice mod material response. :)
--> @RationalMadman
Lol. Okay. :)

I think Virt does a fine job though.