Standard Model Toroidal 2023

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The followings based on Synergetics primary set of 73 great circle planes.

56 icosahedral 5-fold
25 cubo-octahedral 4-fold

Great tori { Quantum Space-time Tori } Standard Model 6/7/2023 { cosmological Standard Model involving my numerical based, spirally formed, 3D tori, with inner and outer invaginations from surface set of nodal events. These tor never exist as less than, two interfering tori, that, stem from –if not extrapolations thereof-- and inspired by Bucky Fullers Synergetics { 1940 – 1972 } great 2D circles ideas.

Cubo{6}-octa{8}hedron aka Vector Equlibrium { VE } is 4-fold and its 25 primary 2D-abstract great 2D circles –the 3D tori---  is the conceptually static representative root basis for a dynamic spiral with outer and inner invaginations, into the torus to define its interior sine-wave body and this numerically spiral motions -- fuzzy cloud of two or more tori-- when we humans do and may never observe and disscect instrumentally--- associated directly with all femionic matter with one exception listed below of the 2-quark mesons{ bosons }
...includes 1, 2 and 3-fold { tetrahedron 6 great circles } found with the 4-fold Vector equlibrium / cubo-octahedron.

1} 3 Quarks { proton, neutron ergo hadrons } 6 great tori { circles } of quadra-valenced( 12 } tetrahedron i.e sets of 2-great tori{ abstract great circles }

2} Mesons { bosonic particles { 2-quark weirdos } = 4 great tori { circles } of that define the four eqiatoral, great hexagonal planes of the cubo-octahedron/VE

3} Electrons = 3 great circle{ tori } of the left-torque, doubled-valenced{ 6 } octahedron as derived from contracted cubo-octahedron

….3a} Neutrinos = 3 great bisecting planes, right torquen double-valenced { 6 } octahedrons as derived fmor contracted cubo-octahedron

4} Higgs boson{ massive } 12 great tori  cubo-octahedron
….Note: “Higgs boson decays into two muons. The muon is a heavier copy of the electron, one of the elementary particles that constitute the matter content of the Universe. “
icosa{20}hedron 5-fold and its bilateral{ left and right-skew set } of 31 primary great tori { circles } ----6, 10 and 15--- associated with all observed bosonic forces

5} Gluons { strong sub-nuclear force } = 6 great spiral invagainated tori ,

6} EMRadiation { photons } = 10 great spiral and invaginated tori ,

7} Weak EM force { W+, W- and Zo } = 15 great tori { abstract great spiral and invaginated tori }.

Note: year 2005 or so. This above all remains the same except Great Circles are the abstract spinal chord, inside and at center of toroidal tube. and

...1} Gravity { mass-attraction } is the outer, positive shaped geodesic set of events ---that define and outer semi-great circle--, and,

….2} Dark Energy { mass-repulsion } is the inner negative geodesic of surface set of nodal events as a semi-great circles.

These outer and inner surface event great circles are perforated by invaginations into the torodial tube to create our sine-wave /\/\/\/ associatedphysical reality and complex 3D body of a torus, that is manifest as fermionic matter and bosonic forces.
..note: a new third set that is hybrid of these two......

EMRadiation is a observed as discrete particle  particle event. R P Feynman has elaborated upon this in his book QED. Old news.

Unfortunately RPFeynman did not have the foresight and his brash and large ego allowed him to make the following comment when the person who first proposed the meson with the math...."in a pigs eye"..yelled out Feynam from back of room and Feynman had to eat his words a year or two later. This may have led to one of his famous quotes below.

…...Richard P. Feynman regarding his ..' the first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool,'….

…..Albert Einstien….’ My education has been one of the greatests impediements to my learning ‘….