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Round 1
you better make your shit count to the last letter
cause' you win debates, but we both know who raps better
thinkin'  your attacks clever?
diss behind my back, then you're
about to see a rap you can never match, ever
I could beat you with a half assed effort
while I'm with SupaDudz playin' minecraft checkers
I'mma shred your ass like jack cheddar
while I crack your skull like black pepper
and your nutsacks severed

now I bet you wanna fight
 I make you look like a troglodyte
when you're on the mic
just to win debates you gotta cite
a hundred articles that someone else thought to write
cause' you know your own arguments would not suffice
so you just let google do the talkin' right?
that's just one of many reasons why you're just a wad of shite
you paint me as a villain while you smoke your marijuana pipe
till' you think you're the hero of this story, you're a plot device

you said I hate capitalism cause' I'm poor
and you have more
well on that note, you kinda scored
cause' it really makes me angry that a worthless fucking whore
can contribute nothing to the world, and make cash galore
yeah, it really makes me sore
and urks me to the core
that I can't afford
to even buy groceries at the store
while you're given shit you don't deserve, and playing games is all you got it for

your purpose on this earth is to play poker
your only claim to worth is being good at a game, so you're
 a waste of resources, and you know I'm way woker
and that's specifically the reason why I'm way broker
no one cares about what rappers with a message have to say, no their
too busy going to a lil' wayne show or
listening to some other gay poser
it doesn't matter if you're plain doper
cause' merit has nothing to do with how you're paid, go for
being super gay, with nothing wise to say if you really got a fame boner

this mother fucker has crap taste
he thinks Nicki Minaj makes Eminem look whack, wait
is your dick match length
is that why your sex life stagnates?
he told me she was second place,
in his list of rap greats
I think he really just wants to find out how her ass tastes
I called you a milksop, but I take it back, mate
it's pretty fuckin' clear you don't sop milk, you lactate
cause' your taste is feminine, and that's just the facts mate


I don’t need to introduce myself, apologise or excuse myself,
I’ve been banned just like you ‘cept my accumulated reputation didn’t lose its health,
DDO, CD, DA; all three tried to slow me but they only lubricated my accrue of wealth,
Not cash, as your Marxist philosophy’d tell ya isn’t the true way to produce or sell,
I gained confidence and my loss of friends along the way has taught me a thing or two and well I learned who is who, you fell for the tricks I stored in memory, a couple hundred times more…
Still aint learnin’; twistin’, turnin’ the handle to an imaginary door,
Your vocabulary bores, couldn’t slap the ass o’ whores; you’re a Dunning-Kruger suff’rer and are boastfully socialist solely to cope with growing old piss-poor,
My vocabulary bores holes, corroding the floors of whatever homeless shelter you reside in or where you’re hiding and of course if your anarcho-communism dares stand up ‘n’ rap to me you’ll learn what I spray’s the way I lay down the law.

All you dish out’s fake threat threats, you aint a made-man yet,
You’re a hazed fail recruit to this Frat you stray pet,
This pack of wolves has me as Alpha, a straight vet, (Veteran, I’ve been in this site’s community for years)
You’re a Delta Male outplayed by Betas(bait-az), bet ya mega upset,
You’re a malevolent wretch, fuckin’ irrelevant pest… This elegant ballerino’s here again to ingeminate text:  “I'm the untamed beast that you fear, I'm the best!” (ballerina’s male counterpart is a ballerino)

Behind your back? Stop the cryin’ type-1-pac,
I’m a next stage in evolution, in fact I’m level 4 you’re 2-whack,
So while you’re typing ‘bout how you’ll sever my nutsack,
I type raw Stats, site-rating with a rat-a-tat-tat,
Your still here stating how I’m badder at rap,
But the truth is you’re self-admittedly “broker”, I’m half-Joker, half Bational and that is the end of Round 1… Call it a wrap... PS Nicki’s Hoochie Coochie Pussy comes round chasin’ this Mad Rat. I also love Marshall Mathers’ style of rap if that matters, you fucking liar burn in fire, toasted black.

Round 2

you judge a man's worth by the size of their salary
I judge a man's worth by their intellect and valor, see?
your rep isn't healthy cause' it's fattened up on fallacies
you need to stop lying, give it less empty calories

you're manipulative
you're the type of guy I frickin' hate it's
time to rip away this
idiots inflated
ego as his face is
off the frickin' pavement
if only he could spit the way the bitch debated
then he might evade it
when I equip serrated
blades to stick directly in his anus
I already prepped the fuckin' oven I'mma put you in to bake, dis-
into paste when you're eviscerated

you idolize basic rappers like Chris Webby
cause' you think the greatest rappers like K are too diss heavy
that's probably why your disses ain't shit, any
one can see that your favorite lyricists petty
all he does is play with the mic, never spits heady
I can name a thousand better MCs, I have a list ready
braggin' that you're rich while you pinch pennies
 but you can't take it with you once this fuckin' clips emptied

remember when you said you wish I was dead?
I wish that I could torture you instead
see how much pain I could inflict before you lose your head
and when you finally go SPED
then you'll be fed
to my dogs, before I lead them to the sled
and embark upon the icey path ahead

everything you said was correctable
your arguments and disses should be sent to receptacles
I'm an intensely intellectual advanced extra terrestrial
that just sprouted sabre-tooth fangs and went for the testicles
the damage is irreparable
once I wreck your intestinal
wrap it around your neck and pull
till' your breath is fully
ended, I'll dissect unacceptable
with the most unethical
methods you'll

ever witness
you need to get your head examined if you think he has some clever disses
he could never spit this
I'm gunna sever his lips
put em' on a hook and use em' as bait when I fish

I hope your following these concepts
the number one criticism I get is that I'm too complex
the context
of this contest
is like a retard sticking his cock in a wasps nest
your cock is so small it's subatomic
it's smaller than your moms clit
to find it you'd need a cyclotron test
I'm about to squash pests
like a loch ness
monster in a sasquatch nest
so I'd suggest you run while the contents
of your cranium are still convex

you're the kind of mother fucker with a dick like a cheeto
 the kind of motherfucker that swims in a speedo
you're the type to brag about your stacks, but spit a cheap flow
when it comes to bars, the drinks are on me bro
 cause' mine are more like cantinas, amigo
cause' in this rap game I'm Han and you're greedo


Round 1 Correction: “fake death threats not threats in the above rap, still bodied him regardless let’s be real.


Why are you even attempting to defeat me at this point?
The closest thing to a diss you came up with’s that I smoke a joint, (Round 1)
You keep laying your foundation on Communism...
Well if that isn’t dysfunction the anarchy explains why you keep remaining ign’rant of injunctions,
Like the multi-accounting on not just CD but here,
You’re here at my mercy let me make myself clear,
I’m like no other user and yet not a minority,
I’m the divine intervention, I lead but don’t need conformity,
I thrive with notoriety, why I’m the highest authority,
Even the administrator laid down his sword and applauded me,
That ban on the madman? I say what-where-how-when-who?
One minute I’m finite(fai-knight) next infinity times two,
I’m an effeminate white knight and yet I ridicule you,
I’m a Feminist Social Democrat in that Hillary crew,
You’re on that Sanders can’t stand us, terrified, cry boo-hoo.

Forfeited two Rounds last time you ran from me, your heart pounding,
Surrounded by a large fandom, your mind pond’ring why this phantom’s so confounding,
Hang yourself no-ammunition just a rope and your thoughts,
I’m Eminem with the Killshot you’re legacy is to rot just somebody who was hated a lot I bet even your own mother wishes she didn’t take your dad’s cock, as in to measure the pleasure from him she got would not equate to an eighth of the happiness at making you naught….
Yeah boy I’m breaking you apart like a machine, at the seams no hesitation, my patience has collapsed all stops seized,
Who in the hell are you contemplating taking me on you’re working hard you damn retard I type with ease hearin’ beats,
And I ain stoppin’ at choppin’ I’ll tear out the roots of your ability to compete ‘cause I’m the last tried robbin’ ‘fore security held you as I shattered the caps attached to your knees,
Rest in agony cunt, ‘til your anatomy’s numb then reset it so the memory of me keeps you from peace.

Chris Webby's a fucking legend, but understand when I say,
Webby's dissed G-Eazy and I love him and so has MGK,
My fandom's not based on simple gang-based shit it's intricate as a maze,
The kind you'll never get out of you're seeing stars boy you're dazed,
I know when you were younger that hunger was what your daddy said'd be just a phase,
But understand me here socialist he lied and that's not all that he said false to ya face,
You see this cause you're pursuing's just horse-shit it aint edible.
Apart from parasites who don't wanna have to work it's non-credible,
How the fuck can equality happen when your utopia's hell with all the retard-killing you militant freak you're system makes all dispensable,
Drain on resources? Oh yeah let's kill all the dumb, you're just a Pol-Pot, a salty bitch sad that the world isn't a slum,
You're indefensible dribble's weak like what you spit at me scum, I'm not your prey, I'm a predator, Super Saiyan weildin' puns.
Round 3
ok, I get I'm communist
calm your tits
and ponder this:
Nicola Tesla and Einstein where socialists and shared my politics 

the greatest geniuses share my views
you claim to be a genius, think the real ones are boobs
said Napoleon was great, despite the power he abused
then accuse
me of everything that applies to you, and you use
deceitful tactics yet you're still gunna lose

cause' your rhymes
are so unrefined
man, I couldn't write dumber lines
if I tried
yeah, I guess some where fine...
if you like to plunder guy's
bums from behind
I don't see how anyone denies
that your flow is just corny, and my verses come alive
you walk among the blind
third eye calcified
but I really can't decide
if you're just another sheep, or you're just another swine
just a bitch without a spine
or a fat pig who profits from your lies
either way it's obvious your skill is under mine
and the way my fuckin' rap was designed
 made your bitch wet just before I wrung her dry
you stupid mother fucker, die

And Hillary is wallstreet's whore, she'll say anything for a pretty penny hoe
everybody with a half working brain cell hates her, shit even Webby knows
remember on "raw thoughts" when said he won't
stand for her petty mot-
-ives, called her a witch, yeah, case already closed
I highly doubt you can make it through this battle without breaking any bones
plenty foes
fell to my heavy blows
I'd aim for the head but you already have an empty dome
I guess I'll aim for the bowels, cause' you're full of shit so let's empty those

your core split
when my sword hit
I say you sneak diss, you say I forfeit
so why did you wait till' I was gone before spit-
-ing your shit
I was here for days, ready for it

you wouldn't accept the challenge
said your rating had to be kept in balance
admitted I might shred you, so you couldn't risk it pal, it's
pretty obvious you sneak dissed on purpose cause' you've got a tiny phallus

plus my rhymes are so adeptly made
in every way
that you look like a bitch when you call me MGK
especially because I already made
a reference to the beef, it was better, yours was gay
and my style is more like Em's anyway
I can rhyme a lot more,
I can leave your mental twat sore
cause' you have an empty brain
I wish Em was here to see this, Eminem would say
that my raps remind of his Shady days

remember when you told me Webby was your love?
I seriously questioned if you were gay or on drugs

K-Rino dissed Eminem, so did Canibus
I still listen to each of em' so can it bitch
the validity of your putrid, rancid diss
that you practice some kind of sophisticated fanmanship
just solidifies the point that you're Webby's Stan and shit
you can't admit
 it backfires every time you think you land a hit
cause' I'm too damn legit
for even living on this planet which
reminds me, you're a flat earther, prone to manic fits

where you accuse me of being some eugenicist
trying to kill off low IQ genetics, it's
pretty obvious where I'd start if what you said was fixed
in any kind of truth, but it's just deceptiveness
you directly ripped out off your bitch ass of patheticness
you're a schizophrenic twit

dissing me for being socialist, it's all a farce see
cause' you admitted you want a so called "benevolent" oligarchy

these are just some of the things RM has said to me, in our PM chats, it's
pretty clear, although he may deny it, that he's a mother fucking fascist

I first met him on Create Debate
I saw him manipulate the mak-
-er of the site, lie to his face, debase
the place, ya take
the discourse to the lowest wavelength, disgrace
the name "prodigy" cause' see you're the fakest snake
and the only thing you're a prodigy of is interface with apes
when you face the wraith
you may just take
heed of your grave mistakes


It’s hilarious how misinformed you are,
Telling me I need to tryhard in the comments Har-har,
You’re a hopeless case, lost cause, born scarred,
Reckless with the methods overplayin’ your cards,
Imma smash your glass, imma take those shards,
Turn em into bars leave you blatant as a farce,
I’m the master of my craft of these capitalist arts combined with caring for the poor in a mix so harsh,
Einstein like Socialism but he meant Europe/Hillary style,
Tesla was just fucked over by a patent Edison had and its vile that you’d imply a genius said words he did not, was a Capitalist competing for patents on innovation, get the fuck out your fantasies child.
You’re a damn adamant guy, I’ll give you that ‘fore you die cause these bars bury you, furthermore you’re low hanging fruit, apple fact is that I tower high.
Metaphors whipping wounds oh so raw in your thigh,
You’re on the floor real conflicted, addicted as you cry,
You’re one tragic-ass masochist to have rematched me but bye, it’s over you dumb fuck, go create debates like matters what you write you’re already steadily sat at the bottom of the site.
Should not have started this arsonist’s wet dream of a fight, yeah I’m setting you alight, you’ll soon regret this goodnight.