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No more that 5 "stanzas" in a rap. Judging based on flow, rhythm, rhyme, creativity, and most importantly ROASTS.

Round 1
Rational_Madman, your name's an oxymoron,
But c'mon let's be serious, you're just the moron,
I got the power, and I also got the brawn,
Yes, I'm the king, and you're just the pawn

To be honest, you're a lot like Jeffrey Epstein
Except he's a millionaire and you're worth a dime,
You're childish, so unmatured, when's your bedtime?
You're so terrible at rap, I bet you can't even rhyme.

You're a troll, get on,
You're not on my level, you belong in a morgue,
You think you're Titanic, but I'm the iceberg,
Yeah, You're the Enterprise, but I'm the Borg

So let me tear you apart,
I'm a conqueror like Napoleon Bonaparte 
You'll have no mercy (yeah, I'll break your heart),
So right now you should just forfeit and leave DEBATE ART.
Beat to Loop (right-click and click Loop, won't work on phones unless you got paid YT Music):

Note: Sun Tzu is pronounce 'soon tsoo'

Alakazam is an incantation or magic word along the lines of Abrakadabra.

Be sure to catch the 'caveman' reference in comparing our quality of strategy.

Bold and italics refers to internal rhyming that changes throughout the stanzas while the bold and non-italicised rhyme is the one carried throughout.

Gatorade has made another failure to convey a single damn coherent message in his spitting that's just spray,
I'm laughing within at the damn beginning of this page, bitch is thinking 'Bonapart-e' is pronounced in a way that would make it rhyme in lines that put ignorance on display,
I'm the Sun Tzu movin' through you, I'll checkmate you in your cave, callin' yourself a warmonger, madmaster's hungry for this slave,
You're pumping me with energy, enemy, your name aint fake.

All you seem to do 'round here is rap, don't even frequent forums, but your rap-form is crap,
With your weak meows, cyborg pussy; faulty machine half cat,
If it's past my bedtime then I'm sorry to inform you, with my eyes closed you still fall flat,
Every diss in that piece of shit was a blatant false fact.

Another Stanza's here but I'm a cancer, dear, so I mutate the 'aa' rhyme-scheme, Alakazam, feel fear,
Pounce like a panther, fact is the question needing answers is how that chess analogy was anywhere near this tier,
A King can't fuck with a Pawn, if it's in check, it better hold hands up, 'cause this pawn's too hot for porn; DA's male Scarlett Johannson!
A rap worshipping me should be our national anthem.

I'd beat you with a paddle boy, rattle you while you shake, I ate the apple you're after you rat-ass wannabe snake,
It's like a show of lobotomy, and we're presented two gates, don't need to be a mathematician, to know the madman came out unscraped,
You're the one who turned borin', G, your raps lost passion, you're fake, my gate was placebo, rational champion o' fate.

four stanzas will be enough for this round.
Round 2
lol I'm on my phone so I can't listen to it, so I got a random piracy YT music app.

You say I'm a spray, but I'm a waterfall,
You're not even past evolution, you're a Neanderthal.
If you even read, you'll know that Bonaparte,
is actually pronounced like boh-nuh-pahrt,

If all I do here is rap, that's better than trolling,
Since when did you finish your last actual debate? Must've been somewhere around 2013.
You're a straight up pervert, worse than a hormonal teen,
Get off of all the drugs that you're doing.

You flow is shit, your rhyme scheme even worse,
I'll destroy you, murder you then put you in a hearse,
You're a lady, I'm a mugger and I'll take your purse,
You're so terrible at rap, you can't even write a good verse,

You're cancer, that's right, yeah you're a sickness,
Bitches call you Owen Clark, cause of all you're thickness,
I'll stab you with a pencil, like John Wick, and all his slickness,
While you be a bad boy, and get coal on Christmas.

Bust open your chest, I'm trained to smoke ya
Rhymes rip the continent I make it damn raw
I got caught for murder, yes I killed your rhymes
You're A Criminal Robbin Innocent Motherfuckers Everytime.


In most American accents 'troll' is pronounced like 'stroll' or 'goal' not like 'doll' or like 'wall'. So I am rhyming it internally like that.

The rhyming and flow of this rap is done in a much more obvious way than the one before so I feel I don't need to bolden text.


Bonapart with Boh-nuh-pahrt, rhyme scheme fuck-up to try rip what I wrote apart,
I put in that lie intentional, so I could flow this smooth and liquid, like the blood outta your broken heart,
Everything I write explodes your ego; rips your brittle skeletal flows apart,
You're no man of the people, but I'm the rap game's lethal Joan of Arc,

Apparently four lines a stanza's the standard, I'll spray bars your way like I stole your art,
You say you'd rather rap than troll, perhaps that's 'cause you finding writing a good joke too hard,
Bitch I ask you "What's my name?" you reply, and both me and the audience in accordance say "wait, who the fuck is Owen Clark?"
Pencil-wielder? Get erased, fuck out my face or Gatorade, a-la-carte'll be the special in Michelin star restuarant DART.

Telling me you 'smoked me raw', better freeze me up 'cause when thaw,
You're gon' realise when you anger madman, Banner comes out, I'll choke you Thor, 
Then go grab Loki, throw him over me and fuck you whores up; that butthurt'll leave you a lot more than sore,
Calling yourself the Napoleon, when I'm on the throne; this is Waterloo, I dare you to prolong this war.

Pussy with the threats, thinkin' you're the illest while admiting I'm a cancer, flu; pandemic sickness with these slick-spat lyrics,
Bust open my chest, you'll see in ice-cold heart pumping blood into the dick inside your mother; oh shit are you gon' leave a witness?
I'll fuck you up even if you kill me, leave permanent scars deep in your soul; prolong the torture, never let you rest or get down to business,
Come threaten me, make up more weapons, what you got a bazooka? Go blow your head off you waste of a fifth-stanzer-needing sitter on everyone's shit-list.
Round 3
Tar and feathers refers to what the colonists used to assault tax collectors (1)
Fozzie Bear is a really ugly Muppets character (3)
MC hammer refers to the rapper and Mjolnir (Thor's hammer) (4)

You're a motherfucking liar, bitch that's what you are,
You're a chicken, I'll put the feather's on the tar
They follow me these days yeah I'm the north star,
You're a lowly peasant and I'm a Tsar.

If you even watched Ragnarok, you'd at least have a clue,
That Thor beat the shit out of hulk, thank you.
I control lightning and the thunder, when I rap they applaud
You're a madman, your the hulk! Yes, but I am a god.

And the way I puff blunts in the air
You ran into the attic, bitch you was in the chair
See the difference between you and me is that you look like Fozzie Bear
D.A. was on my dick but a real n-gga didn't care

See you cowards be in the club trouble, yeah when they clammer.
You're a baby, first grader, if you wanna rap, fix your grammar
You can't touch me, I keep my MC Hammer
So save that drama for your mama, and stop tryna slam her,

When you battle me it'll be real clear
This my last letter right here
Ripping shit with Premier, making the b-boys cheer
But I'm that n-gga puttin fear in ya fuckin ear


Ragnarok is a fucking story, just like everything you rap for your glory,
Fact is you're non-stop spitting lies so don't come forth and bore me with that 'you're a liar' high-horse shit, you should be more than sorry,
That line there was 2-in-1 like your Hammer pun, guess a rapper that whack's your category.

You gon' run round proud, you better worry, get on your knees and yes it's time that you adore me,
Changing your description 3 times during this battle's a good idea, in fact it's mandatory,
'Cause if you wanna avoid a good roast from Mad, it aint a bad idea to keep empty your inventory,
So go to sleep, dear, do not worry, I'll see you in hell, God knows I might as well skip purgatory.

Think you're good but that's 'cause all before me were weak opponents; to think they're my level's derogatory,
You beat them, sure, well a 2-2 win-loss record aint much to flash but at least for you ego it's compensatory,
Thing is you try to correct my grammar with lines like 'bitch you was in the chair', beta male up in my territory,
If I am in the chair then you better get prepared 'cause the smoke from my bars rises high; stand up to me, death's respiratory.

Stones crumbling, you're stumbling over your own syllables, internal rhyming's clearly a myth to you; dear Thor,
Probably slammed that keyboard while you're hammered, that explains why every single use of metaphor was poor,
I aint stammering, I'm clamouring the mountain to victory, you're miles beneath for all I know you fell to the floor,
I can't tell whether to laughably congratulate you on writing something so boring it would fail excite a nympho whore.

Since this is the final Round I'll add a fifth stanza, 'cause when I rap more it's a real bonanza,
When you rap more it's like a failed pornstar with her tits-out, still getting ignored, grabbing a camera,
You think you're MC Hammer, I'm a Tech N9ne fan, sir, I'm a mighty lion; you're at most a panther,
I got the mane, I fuck up the game and your doctor's 'bout to ring you up; it's an incurable strain o' cancer.